Subject: E-Commerce Website


Please see below some notes from my colleague Gary Ennis regarding your proposed e-commerce website.

This might prove useful in your efforts to persuade your brother to invest properly in this area.

Also, please note Point 4 concerning our accepted method of payment and Point 5 regarding the structure of your company.




Begin forwarded message: 

From: Gary Ennis
To: Colin Kelly

Subject: RE E-Commerce site for T.I.T. Co. Plc.

  1. Their existing eBay store does not do their range of products justice. It also costs them money every time they list an item for sale. Their own ecommerce solution would be more cost effective and look much more professional.
  2. I have no doubt that ‘Sunglasses Ron Web Development Inc’ will deliver a cheaper quote than us. But their portfolio of websites does not include any full ecommerce sites. They do however contain 3rd party adverts, do not display well on mobile devices and I would feel less than confident entering my credit card details in the online form their sites use.
  3. All our sites include a content management system which the client can take full control of and update anytime, how they wish. If Rodney has a basic grasp of computing skills and access to an internet enabled machine I’m sure he’d be able to make any neccessary changes.
  4. Regarding the invoice, stress to him that while we are always willing to be flexible and understanding of our clients, his suggestion of 18 months interest free credit followed by 7 monthly installments of £50 and the remainder paid in equity in T.I.T. Co. Plc would not be acceptable.
  5. Are you sure this company is a bona fide PLC? Companies House suggests otherwise.




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