Do You Really Need An App?

An interesting chat with a business owner on our stand at New Start Scotland last week.

He began by telling us he wanted an app.
But after we listened to him talk a bit more, it became clear what he really wanted was a website that displayed properly on mobile phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops.
He didn’t want the design and layout to be compromised on mobile devices.
And he thought the way to achieve this was through an app.
It’s not.
We explained that what he really needs is a website built with ‘Responsive Design‘.
This is something more and more of our clients are choosing and unlike an app, which needs developed and updated separately for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc, websites built with ‘Responsive Design’ are built and updated once, and work flawlessly across every platform.
So you don’t need to replace your image rich website with a blocky button design for mobile devices. You can keep the same text and quality pictures and the website behaves intelligently, adapting its own layout to deliver the optimum performance no matter what platform it’s being viewed on.
There’s still a place for apps of course but if what you really want is a website that looks great across all devices, then ‘Responsive Design’ will often be the most appropriate solution.
Ask your web designer about it today.
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