Do you really need a smartphone app?

Apple iPhone with Social Media AppsThe mobile internet revolution is well underway with users now regularly surfing and shopping from their smartphones and tablets. A few years ago, businesses scrambled to create their own branded apps in an attempt to capitalise on the surge in popularity of these devices and to corner a small segment of the mobile commerce marketplace.

As the market has matured, the number of devices with their own specific constraints has multiplied. This makes designing an app that satisfies the demands of each incredibly difficult.

Responsive websites provide a much more efficient solution to the problem of attracting mobile users because they are better designed to cope with the range of available devices. By detecting device screen resolution (how much can be shown on screen at a time) and the device orientation, your website can be tweaked on the fly to fit. In this way customers have access to the information they need to make a purchase without the frustrations of scrolling endlessly around a full-size webpage.

Choosing to create a responsive website also makes your business easier to find in the crowded mobile marketplace. Instead of hoping that customers stumble across your business whilst browsing their app store, they can instead visit your mobile-friendly website directly. Additionally, content in your responsive website counts towards search engine rankings in a way that mobile app content does not.

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