Digital Marketing to Gen Z: 6 Strategies for success

Who is Gen-Z?

Born between 1997-2012, Gen-Z are the first generation to have grown up with technology at their fingertips. Similar to Millennials, they are comfortable using and adapting to all forms of technology, but they use it more intuitively, with 98% of Gen-Z owning a mobile phone

Gen-Z tends to have a strong interest in social responsibility, and they are more likely to respond to brands who demonstrate they share these values.

So, how can your business position its digital marketing to Gen-Z to connect with this audience effectively? Here are 6 strategies for success:

1. Produce Video Content

Gen-Z responds to video content more than any other form of media. Short videos are easy to digest and easy to remember. The rise of social media app TikTok has demonstrated how effective video content can be in appealing to this generation. 

TikTok might be known for its funny videos and challenges, but there is a huge market for more serious topics. The company is looking to develop a second app dedicated to careers services. Businesses will advertise their vacancies and the platform will enable users to upload a video as part of the application process. Hasbro has already succeeded with this alternative, creative, hiring process on TikTok, exposing their brand to a new pool of Gen-Z candidates.

2. Focus on social media

Ofcom data on social media usage highlights that 70-74% of Gen-Z members have had a social media account since the age of 12. This makes them experts! Gen-Z use social media for hours each day so they are fine-tuned to what works well and what doesn’t in terms of media campaigns. It’s important to get it right: short videos, engaging content and interacting with users are all good starting points.

3. Demonstrate social responsibility

Showing your business does not have a detrimental effect on the environment and has strong ethics in place is important if you want to reach Gen-Z. As digital natives, they are less likely to be influenced by direct marketing tactics. You need to show them your business takes sustainability seriously and that you have something to offer them that is in line with their social and environmental beliefs.

4. Provide opportunities for collaboration and participation

The attention span of Gen-Z is just eight seconds! However, they will focus on a longer piece of content if you capture their interest within this short time-frame. The best way to do this is offer Gen-Z the opportunity to interact and play a part in a brand’s mission. By showing a willingness to interact, you will present yourself as a brand that listens and enjoys collaboration. A good way to start would be using polls on social media. This way you can gather market research and build a relationship with Gen-Z at the same time!

5. Podcasts

51% of 21-24 year olds report listening to podcasts regularly. Podcasts are growing in popularity, partly due to how quick and easy it is to produce them. Popular amongst Gen-Z are comedy and interview podcasts. According to YPulse, 46% of 13-35 year olds are happy with brands promoting their products on a podcast. This means that the podcast itself doesn’t have to be about the product, but can discuss issues or topics within the industry relevant to the product or service.

6. Email marketing

Whilst social media marketing is a given for this generation, it’s a good idea not to limit your business to one strategy. As your competitors will also be targeting Gen-Z through social media, it means Gen-Z’s email inbox is left pretty empty. So, why not channel some of the tips you’ve learned from this blog into an email newsletter? Taking the opportunity to diversify your digital marketing to Gen-Z will help you stand out from your competitors.


Reaching Generation Z

The key to effective digital marketing to Gen-Z is to be authentic and honest.This generation knows more about social media and digital marketing than any other. They’re looking for brands that are socially responsible and who understand the importance of sustainability for the future. 

Remember: Gen-Z doesn’t necessarily need adverts to buy your products or services! If you can offer genuine interest and engagement with the issues that matter to them, as well as interacting with them regularly on social media, you can still make the sale.

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