Digital marketing outstrips traditional methods

Business GraphA new poll of US marketers has shown that digital marketing now vastly outstrips traditional marketing methods. The study, which was carried out by Inavero for staffing firm Aquent and the American Marketing Association, was intended to uncover marketing trends for the next twelve months, and ultimately revealed one of the strongest correlations in results in recent years.

The key statistics showed the percentage of marketers which expected these previously popular methods to decrease in 2013:

  • Direct marketing (9%)
  • TV (21%)
  • Radio (24%)
  • Consumer magazines (28%)
  • Newspapers (32%)

However, these percentages of marketers believe the following strategies will increase over the next twelve months:

So what does this mean for your business? Well, whilst these are stats from the USA, the trends are reflected in current marketing strategies around the world, and although traditional marketing methods shouldn’t necessarily be forgotten completely, this is yet another survey that proves that the future of marketing is digital.

As we have discussed time and time again on the NS Design blog, mobile marketing looks to be the strongest trend of all, so first and foremost it’s essential to get your website optimised for mobile users. Then it’s time to focus on your social and SEO strategies, ensuring that everything from keyword selection to demographic research is up to date.
What do you think – will you be changing your marketing focus as a result of Inavero’s research?