Diary of a Modern Apprentice (one month in..)

jonny2So it’s been around month since I started as a modern apprentice with NSDesign. So much has happened: I have dealt with multiple issues that customers have experienced, received my first wage from Gary’s pocket, had my first meeting with the guys at QA Apprenticeships and I have listened to Ken Bruce’s BBC Radio 2 Pop Quiz every day. Religiously. I have really enjoyed listening to the quiz every day my time here so far and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. I’ve learned a lot – Kenny will vouch for me. From learning about DNS records, to hearing Kenny’s reviews on the “24” box set….and even hearing about Colin’s trips to Subway.

I’ve even got some dates in my diary for the next few months: Going to my first ever social media master class with Gary and Colin, and starting my first C#.Net course at the QA Apprenticeships training building in Glasgow. So far, it feels like school was a place I left years ago! I’m finding the work that I’m doing very interesting and it’s always something different – you’d be surprised at how many different issues one can have with a website.

At the moment, I’m currently working with the domains and hosting side of things. However, the plan is to move onto the Design side of things later in the year. In saying this, the team have been very welcoming – I’m helping to add content to websites etc. so I’ve been included in some projects.

Although the internet has been something I’ve been interested in for some time, I feel like I am getting a more in-depth view into websites as a whole – hosting and domains, and the design. Sometimes I’ll sit and watch Paul – one of the designers sat next to me – designing a website or a logo and my mind is just blown (I may as well apologise here too – sorry for watching you like a hawk Paul – I can imagine its off-putting!). I’ve seen websites come to life from start to finish. Seeing the end product, after witnessing every stage of the process, fills you with, only what I can imagine to be as pride and a sense of achievement. The possibilities with the internet are endless. Online booking systems, contact forms, e-commerce sites…the list is endless. This month alone, the internet has expanded – with new domain extensions released including .guru, .bike, .clothing (to name a few) with some fun ones like .pizza and .coffee coming soon!  The digital market is something that is definitely a brilliant market to be a part of. Throughout all of this Gary even managed to wangle a place on STV’s Scotland Tonight with John McKay talking about the .SCOT domain.

I think students today who are leaving school are very anxious in terms of progression. Many students today are going to college/university and after completing their course, find themselves in a position where they are working in a “gap” job as the industry which they have their degree in is dead. They simply can’t get a job with the degree they have. The digital market is one of a kind in my opinion – it is very much alive and wealthy! There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t registered a domain, or set up hosting, or phoned a client. To summarise really, I’m just honoured to be in this industry and I definitely have no regrets.

I’m very much looking forward to the months to come with NSDesign – whether that is learning new things, meeting new people, travelling to new places or just listening to Kenny answering the Pop Quiz questions on BBC Radio 2 and always scoring higher than the contestant…or so he says!

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