Diary of a Modern Apprentice (my first week)

Jonny - web design apprenticeSo here I am. I’ve just completed my first week of my new job – the new kid on the block.  After leaving school the week before, who said it was hard to get a job?

Of course I am being sarcastic – I left school for my job. I had been searching for apprenticeships in IT for several months – completing various application forms, attending lengthy interviews and meeting many interesting, and some not so interesting, people along the way.

I remember the first time I came to Hillington Innovation centre to meet Gary and Kenny: here I was walking in suited and booted, ready for action. After the old handshake and hellos we sat down to talk business. We discussed all the usual topics such as experience, hobbies etc… The list goes on. However, one question threw me. After twenty minutes, we had found ourselves chatting about daft interview questions such as “If you were to be a biscuit, what biscuit would you be”.

So after laughing it off, Gary asks the question: “Jonathan, if you were to be a biscuit, what biscuit would you be? I briefly paused and thought to myself, “Is he for real? Is this a legit question? Do I respond naively or do I laugh it off? So improvising (I’m good at that), I piped up with “A Tunnocks Teacake. Hard on the outside but soft on the inside”.

From that moment on I think Gary and Kenny knew there was a place for me at NSDesign. All joking aside, the interview process was great – to the point. I then went away and was called for a second interview to finalise arrangements and shortly after, I was offered the position. It’s something that I had waited for, for a long time. I was absolutely ecstatic! This opened up so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had going to college/university from school. I could gain on-the-job experience whilst learning valuable skills and let’s not forget the decent wage! It suited me down to a T! So after some consideration, I accepted the offer and was given my start date.

Suffice to say that I enjoyed the break over Christmas and New Year because unlike my class mates in 6th year at Trinity High School in Renfrew, I didn’t need to study for prelims in January/February and I had an extended holiday as I started on the 13th of January.

Before I knew it, it was Monday 13th of January and I found myself walking into the building for the first time as an NSDesign employee. I settled in quickly and got to know my colleagues in the office. I know every single one of them and their names. Maybe because there is only 8 of us in total? In my first week I have been learning about the products and services we offer, setting up hosting accounts for clients and shadowing some of the designers here. I thought the days would be long as I am use to short and easy days at school where some days I finished at noon and others 3/4pm.

I was surprised how fast every day has gone – I’ve been kept busy and I can’t believe the first week is already over. I have been interested in websites ever since I bought my first domain. I’ve never done anything “big” with a website, just messed about and added and removed content, played about with designs etc. Coming here however, has opened my eyes to the possibilities that you can have with websites. The Internet is, and has been, a major player in business for the past few years and with new websites and applications entering the market every year, the industry just keeps growing.

I feel privileged to be in this industry and who ever thought I  could get a job that allows me to explore social media such as Facebook and Twitter for business use. Sometimes apprenticeships are not the “done” thing. Most people either go on to further education or take a gap year etc. I’d urge more and more young people to seek apprenticeships because they are invaluable.

So now you know a little bit about me and my journey so far – stay tuned for my monthly blog entry to see what I’ve learned, the highs, lows and the laughs!

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