Diary of a Modern Apprentice – 9 months in!

So I’ve now been on the job for nine months! Which kind of scares me? It genuinely doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for so long! I guess time flies when you’re having fun right? It’s even been fourth months since my last blog post! As I sit and type this blog post, I’m flicking back the pages of my diary to keep up with what I’ve actually been doing in the past fourth months – so much has happened:

jonnyRadio Interview on Heart FM
I somehow managed to scoop a radio interview with the wonderful people Heart FM! The subject of the interview was all about careers and different paths into a career. Some spoke about further education – University and College, whilst others spoke about jobs. Five points if you can guess what I spoke about! Yes… I spoke about being a modern apprentice. I really enjoyed my little trip to the studios in Glasgow that day! I was made to feel very welcome by everyone there and even got a little tour of the studios!  I even managed to get a picture on Ewan’s seat haha!

You can listen to my audio here!

The Recruit: Finale
Last month I also attended the finale of this year’s ‘The Recruit’. The program, run by Renfrewshire Council, is a summer program for young people across Renfrewshire to participate in. With a range of tasks and challenges from local companies, the recruits gain skills in team working, leadership and business – and I hear it’s a lot of fun! At the end of the program, a large number of them are even offered jobs! I attended the finale this year as the representative for NSDesign and thoroughly enjoyed the night! We got to see what the Recruits had been up to this year – and even heard some success stories from previous winners! Big congratulations to all those who participated in this year’s program and I wish you the best of luck with your new careers!

SQL & Databases Course
This month I also attended a 2 week long course at QA Apprenticeships – one of four courses that I’ll be attending throughout my apprenticeship period.  I attended the SQL & Databases Course up in Glasgow.  The two weeks I spent up there were really interesting – learning to create, update and query databases through the use of the SQL language. Whilst I was there, it was great to meet some other apprentices from across Glasgow; some even travelled through from Edinburgh and stayed in Glasgow for the 2 weeks! I’ve just finished the course and have come back to the office this morning – and I’m genuinely glad to be back! Apparently they’ve been lost without me haha! However, I’ll only be sticking around for a week, then I’m off again to QA for my Java Fundamentals course! So I’ll be there for the next two weeks!

WD-LOGO-14Finally… Working Digital!
Shortly after I finish my next course at QA Apprenticeships, Working Digital will be well underway! Working Digital, if you don’t already know, is a three day conference which will be held down in Kilmarnock! It’s free to attend and promises to be the best three days of your life! Seriously though – why not come along, be inspired and meet with other local businesses! You can’t argue with some networking and even a free buffet? If you fancy joining myself and the rest of the team, along with the 200+ people that have already signed up and have secured their tickets, visit the Working Digital website and grab your tickets today!

You can grab your tickets here and see the full Speaker line-up over on the site here.
Keep up to date with all the news by following Working Digital on Twitter! @Working_Digital

PS. If I didn’t already mention… they’re FREE!

So.. it’s safe to say that lots of things have been going on recently. My media stunts seems to have calmed down a little bit now – I am now available again for media requests haha! It’s over and out for now – hope to see you all at Working Digital! Oh and if you see me – come and say hello! Or if you’re feeling very much inspired from the talks, and are now really digitally minded – tweet me.

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