Diary of a Modern Apprentice (Settling in – Three months in the Job!)

IMG_2950Almost three months have passed me by here at NSDesign! Where has the time gone? It seems like only last week I started with the company! This month however has been a little different to previous months here:

1) I’ve met with my “QA tutor” – Greg Parker.
2) I’ve been more involved with the design guys – helping to fix and upload content to client websites.
3) I’ve attended my first ever Social Media Master Class – Embrace The Space

Embrace The Space probably has to be my favourite out off all these events that have taken place because Gary and Colin have told me to write this it’s something I love! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram –are platforms I use every single day of my life – Imagine getting paid to not only use these, but to explore them and research into the ever-changing features. Aside from the personal uses of these platforms – having an insight into business use through Hoot Suite is something that really amazed me! It’s amazing how social media can ‘drum-up’ business! The day really flew in and before I knew it 9am had turned into 5pm and it was the weekend – that was a great ending to last week! Not only did I come, but my mum also came along – being a business owner. We both came home that night feeling very inspired! We even sat down at the computer and spent the evening exploring new opportunities for her business through social media.

On a whole, the day really was excellent – it was great to network with the other business owners there – the atmosphere was relaxed and fun and the content was second to none! Great job Gary and Colin!

I’m keen to learn more about social media and just hope Gary and Colin will let me in to eavesdrop on their upcoming training workshops!

One thing I never imagined I’d do after starting my apprenticeship is going to the Glasgow Rocks Basketball games! Since NSDesign sponsor The Glasgow Rocks, The Braehead Clan and Morton Football Club – we have sponsor tickets that we can use. I had only been to see The Rocks a few times in the past but now that the tickets are there for me to use, I’ve been going to every home game since January and I have really got hooked! I’m not quite at the “Shouting furiously from the sidelines” stage like Gary but I am pretty close to it! I guess it’s just one of the perks of the job! #GOROCKS

Next month I am starting my first, 2 week long, C#.net coding course at QA Apprenticeships in Glasgow! – It will be strange not coming into the office for 2 weeks, or seeing any of my colleagues (though maybe they’ll enjoy the peace and quiet!). In saying this however, I can’t wait to get started!  Another wee chapter in my apprenticeship journey!

(also – I’ve been perfecting my LinkedIn profile – one of the things I was taught at the masterclass!  Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn)

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