Diary of a Modern Apprentice 2.0

Sean Duncan - ApprenticeIt’s been just over the two month mark since I started as the new modern apprentice here at NSDesign. The first two months have flown in for me; I have learned so much already and am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.

A little bit about myself, I am currently 19 and live in Glasgow. I have always had a passion for IT and computers from a very young age, some fond memories being 5/6 years old and being able to go on and use “Paint” to create an art masterpiece; in my opinion better than some of the “modern art” you see nowadays. To approximately two years ago when I built my first computer. So when I was getting ready to leave school at the end of 6th year, I felt it made sense for me to go down the route of doing something in the digital industry. I decided to go to college and study “Web design and game development”. During this course I studied a wide range of things from making 3D models and animation, to basic c# for making a game, as well as making my first website; something one of our designers could write in about 40-50 seconds. Never the less I was proud of my simple non-responsive website.

Before joining NSDesign on September 28th I was/currently am working in Sainsbury’s. Although you might think it’s a bottom of the rung job. It taught me a range of skills, from the basics of arriving early to work to do some preparation so that when your shift starts, you are ready to work. As well as providing excellent customer service: understanding the customer’s needs & providing the correct answer for the customer to make their experience better. I’m glad that I went for a job there whilst looking to start my modern apprenticeship as I think it’s important to keep busy and to keep motivated as it can be a long process. Now that I have started with NSDesign I found it easier and had the confidence to start on the telephone customer support relatively quick.

My first day at NSDesign was great! I got the short but sweet tour of the building – during which I was showed the most important work place- the wash sink for cleaning the cups in the morning and where the kettle is. This is probably one of the most important and underrated job in every business. A great cup of tea sets the day off for everyone to get them going (mainly Kenny, Kenny needs his tea when he comes in the office). I was shown what I would be doing on a daily basis: mainly focusing on domain and hosting side of the business with Broadband Cloud Solutions until I progress into the design and development side of NSDesign once I finish my apprenticeship with QA.

I h10:30 pop masterave also learned that we love “traditions” here at NSDesign, from Pop master at 10:30 to kick the brain into gear, to every lunchtime the movie/TV talk after we go to “The Van”, mostly it’s been about Kenny watching “Sons of Anarchy” and then me and matt becoming confused about the timeline of the show whilst failing trying at not spoiling minor parts of the series. Then there’s the famous “4 o’clock choc” at well, 4 o’clock to take a quick break for a coffee/hot chocolate to get us to the end of a busy day.

I am currently learning more about domains, hosting and websites in general. I find it amazing the amount I have learned working here compared to the full year at college and the best bit: I get paid for it! I knew some parts of what went into making and the up keep of a website, but its crazy seeing our developers start with a rough idea of what the client described and then what the end result looks like. Then there is what I see on a daily basis, all of the behind the scenes of how a website runs and what the process is of managing it, getting domains renewed, transferring websites from one server to another. The list goes on.

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