Diary of a Modern Apprentice 2.0 (11 months in!)


Where do I start? It has been 11 months since I started here at NSDesign and the time has flown by, as a result of working with talented and entertaining individuals. Having such talented colleagues, makes life easier as an apprentice. For example, when you are stuck, you can seek advice from other members of staff who are knowledgeable in that particular field. I have come on leaps and bounds with the help of the four, two-week training blocks that QA Apprenticeships have provided.  The training allowed me to get the foundations in place for learning, and then coming into work and implementing them into your day to day work. This has allowed me to take on more responsibility and help out the team more and more.

So what have I learned during my apprenticeship? During my first block of training, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS, and even designed and built a very basic website. The training helped reinforce what I already knew, as well as teaching me some new skills allowed me to experiment more with websites in my spare time. The next two classes that I went to were for PHP, Fundamentals and advanced. During this they took us though the basic concepts and how PHP works and then showed us how to implement this into our websites and this opened up many more doors on the functionality and design of the website.

Embrace the space

Just before Christmas I attended the social media master class – Embrace the Space – which covers social media use in the business world. Being 20, I thought that I would know the ins and outs social media and how it works but after attending… I realised that I was mistaken. I didn’t realise how much is actually possible – in terms of finding potential customers on the internet. I was in awe, and still am. I’d thoroughly recommend the course to anyone (and no, I’m not on commission). Keep your eyes peeled on our websitetwitter account and facebook page for all the details of the next course date.

The end is near…

As I approach the final five months of my apprenticeship, I hope to continue my learning through working – developing my skills – and of course… finish the apprenticeship! When I finish, I’ll be gaining an SCQF Level 6 Diploma for IT and Telecommunication Professionals – which is a great qualification for my CV! You know what they say… Every day is a school day – it couldn’t be more true!

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