Could your business benefit from a content strategy?

content strategySo you’ve got a website, but what about the content? There was a time when content was seen as secondary to the design, but we have always been of the opinion that content is king. Without effective content you will struggle to get the best from your website, and this is where a content strategy comes in handy.

Why have a content strategy?

Let’s start with what happens if you don’t have a content strategy. This normally means content is created ad hoc — with no goals or purpose. It may not be optimised for SEO, and it may be out of date or confusing for your audience.

Creating a content strategy will help ensure the content produced by your brand is as good as it can be: working to enhance your business’ image and aligned with your overall brand.

How your business could benefit

There are many potential benefits to creating a coherent content strategy for your business, these include:

  • Your content will be directly contributing towards your business goals.
  • Your content will be consistent and coherent.
  • Your content is likely to be better optimised for search engines.
  • You will have a supply of fresh content to share on social media and through email newsletters.
  • High quality content will allow you to demonstrate your expertise and gain trust and brand loyalty from your audience.

What does it involve?

There’s no set way to create a content strategy, but normally the process will involve reviewing your current content, setting goals for the future and creating a plan of action.

Reviewing your existing content

The first step of any content strategy is to review where you are now. This usually involves conducting a content audit. Creating an inventory of your existing content will allow you to identify any pages that are not on brand, under-performing or out of date, as well as spot any gaps in customer interest areas to be filled by your new content plan.

Identifying goals for future content

Next you can identify how your content should be working towards your business objectives. For example, if your business goal is to grow your customer base, you can concentrate on creating content that will attract new customers.

Create a content plan

Once you have clear goals and a good idea of what needs to happen to bring your existing content up to scratch, you can create a plan. This will cover any updates that need to be made to your current content and a list of new content to create.

Review and repeat

A content strategy is never finished – it should be treated as an ongoing process and your content will be constantly evolving according to measured target-audience responses and internally changing objectives.

How to get started

If you are convinced of the benefits of a content strategy but aren’t sure how to get started, our team at NS Design can help. We will work with you to develop a content strategy or alternatively, if you would rather complete the work in-house, you or your staff can attend one of our content training workshops.

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