Consumers sacrifice social activities for social media

Speech bubble cloudA new infographic from Browser Media has shown that many consumers have given up watching movies, reading books, going out and even sleeping to keep up with their social media updates.

Browser Media’s research revealed that 51% of all people now sacrifice ‘real life’ activities for social media, and that figure rises to a staggering 68% for users in the 18-24 age bracket.

Women are more likely to make these sacrifices – 73% of them use social networking sites and spend around 60 minutes a day on them, compared with 62% of men, who spend approximately 48 minutes a day browsing through social updates. The biggest users of social media in the UK are said to be young, female users from Sheffield, who dedicate around 72 minutes a day to these sites, but users across the country are catching up quickly.

Whilst it may seem like something of a shame that consumers are spending less time completing more social daily tasks, such as cooking, exercising, and spending time with their partners, it could actually be good news from a business perspective. The fact that users are investing more in social media and taking more time to interact gives you a much wider possibility of connecting with them and getting their attention. Make the most of your consumers increased online presence by posting frequent daily updates tailored to their interests – you might be surprised at the response you get!