Cloud hosting benefits smaller businesses

Cloud hosting, an approach to website hosting in which a website exists on a network of servers or computing devices as opposed to a traditional single server, is gaining a growing following. But is it a good solution for small to medium sized companies looking to make an impact online?

The cloud, which many are saying is ‘the future of web hosting‘, is flexible and convenient for businesses, since its dynamic approach reflects the fortunes of a company. If the traffic or general demands of a website increase, the server reaches into its network – or ‘cloud’ – and gathers the extra resources needed.

Cloud hosting allows businesses to focus on the immediate tasks that they need to execute, as opposed to spending excessive time dealing with hardware concerns, general IT maintenance and questions of infrastructure. By outsourcing the majority of IT needs, IT departments in particular can avoid many cases of providing extra manpower, training and dealing with bureaucracy.

However, some firms have been reluctant to engage with cloud hosting because of potential security concerns. Cyber thieves, hackers and other companies have been seen as potential threats that could access sensitive information, but the growing popularity of the cloud has boosted the platform’s security. Many web hosting companies are seeking ISO 27001 certification and are joining the Cloud Security Alliance in order to stay vigilant and raise security standards.

At NSDesign we’re keeping a keen eye on developments in the cloud hosting space, as we are planning on introducing a range of cloud-based web hosting solutions in the future.

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