Cannes Diary # 3 – Do You Tube?

Patrick Walker YouTube MIPCOM 2011Hey y’all it’s Thea here again with my third, and dare I say “final”, Cannes Diary from my first visit to MIPCOM earlier this month (Incidentally here are blogs # 1 and # 2 – if you missed them…)

Today I thought I’d talk to you about the YouTube presentation at MIPCOM – called “The Next Generation”.

Most of us, particularly those who are on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, watch at least one video on a daily basis. Well if the stats (below) in Patrick Walker’s talk are anything to go by anyway…

Since we at NSDesign love our “stats” – both reading them and sharing them, I thought this would be a good time and place to share some staggering ones with you:


  • 3 billion views per day. (a 50% increase from the year before). BTW That constitutes to about half of the world’s population watching a video a day.
  • 600 million unique world wide views per month (from 31 countries and 40+languages)
  • 400 million youtube views daily on mobile (doubled in the past year)
  • 350 million devices that youtube is enabled for (smart phones, smart televisions, game consoles – “that’s increasing dramatically”)
  • 100 million times a week – “youtube is social” – getting shared (an example is…)
  • 300 years worth of embedded video is consumed on Facebook every day
  • 600 tweets per minute contain a youtube video link
  • 20,000 partners, specifically revenue-generating partners on youtube
  • 48 hours of video is uploaded every single minute of every single day

 Youtube’s aim at MIPCOM seemed to be to align themselves with more revenue-generating partners, and possibly to promote their True View (skip-able) advertising and Playbook (which I’ve had for months and months, but like so many e-books I download, still sits on my desktop gathering the proverbial cyber dust).

Video is where it’s at and anyone who is a content creator of any type should be utilising YouTube. Businesses, musicians, video/tv/film makers – to name but a few – should all have a presence on there and be adding content to it regularly. But like everything in life, it’s a matter of finding the time to go from idea, to filming, to editing, to uploading, and only then promoting it.

Do you have a video channel? How often do you update it? How many subscribers do you have? If you subscribe to our channel, we’ll subscribe to yours! [Well if it’s original content you’re creating. I’m not gonna subscribe to people who only post babies singing or dancing, or cats being cute…]

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