Can I reuse online content?

Reuse_buttonCreating fresh, interesting and useful content is the best way to raise your website’s profile on Google (as well as to generate a loyal readership of prospective customers). But what if you don’t have time to create that perfect blog piece every week? Can you reuse some of the old stuff? Let’s find out!

New is better, or is it?

New is flashy, shiny and ‘on trend’, but some of your older content might work just as well – if you’ve kept it that is. As the recent debacle over the BBC’s recipes has demonstrated, you should never get rid of content. Instead, keep a bank of it locked away for a rainy day so you can bring it out and dazzle your clients when needed.

Older content also has the benefit of being tried and tested – you can gauge the response from the first time it went out, make amendments accordingly and upload it as a ‘revised edition’. If a blog post or video was especially popular, keep reminding people about it and draw them back to your site!

Some content is considered ‘evergreen’ – meaning timeless and of a high quality. Identify the pieces in your content bank that fall under this category, and make sure you have them on hand in case you’re a bit late with your content creation for the month.

Stay relevant

If you reuse content, it’s important to read it before you put it out again. Has something changed since you published that piece a couple of years ago? Has your industry adjusted, or has your business evolved in such a way that piece is now out of date? Check and double check your content for relevance, otherwise you could end up in a sticky situation.

Do I have to change anything?

As mentioned, you have to use relevant content – that may mean altering the original text or just quoting sections in a whole new blog, either way you have some changes to make.

You should also keep in mind that Google has changed a lot over the last few years, so your older pieces may need a bit of fine-tuning to adhere to new SEO rules and appeal to Google Analytics. Some research even suggests that optimised older content is more popular than the fresh stuff!

Create a schedule

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is your content schedule. By having a well organised plan you can make sure that your message is consistent and you don’t accidentally repeat material.

Organisation is key to a good marketing team, so make a list or a spreadsheet of each piece of content you publish. Mark down if it’s original or a repeat, and work out if it has been used recently. You don’t want to use the same piece twice in quick succession as your audience will get bored.

Can I reuse other people’s content?

As a rule, no. You can look at other websites and blogs for ideas but the content must be your own. Think inspiration, not imitation.

Repurposing and reusing content can be very beneficial for your business: just make sure it’s still relevant, still helpful, and has been tweaked for Google. Good luck!

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