‘Buy now’: Why your online checkout needs to be fast

A laptop computer with the word e-Commerce on the screenStudies show that online shoppers value quick and easy access to information, products and services. The sites that deliver a good customer experience quickly are likely to recognise a better return on investment and higher sales.

One of the most important parts of the customer’s shopping “journey” through your site is the checkout process. Obviously your business needs to ensure that all the necessary details are captured to process payments and despatch orders, but if the process is too complex and time consuming, online shoppers are likely to dump their cart. They will then look at your competitor’s sites to find a more agreeable checkout process.

In their report “Banks and Retailers: You Cannot Price Your Way Out of Bad Customer Experiences”, Forrester Research discovered that after product “fit” (actually selling a product the consumer wants), convenience was the most important factor in customer experience and loyalty.

The researchers made special mention of Amazon and their “1 Click” checkout system which more than compensated for higher product prices for the majority of shoppers. By reducing the barriers between making a product selection and the accepting the customer’s payment, retailers improve the likelihood of completed sales and improving the customer’s experience.


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