Tips to boost your brand identity online

handwritingInternet_websites_thewebFor many businesses, the company website has effectively replaced the traditional shop window as a means of communicating with customers. So how do you make sure your brand identity is present online?

This form of communication goes far beyond old school sales methods, and instead relies on being visible to the right people at the right time, with the right products framed in a way that both entices and builds trust. It’s a complicated formula, but the rewards can be substantial.

Here’s some of our top tips to optimise your online resources and establish a distinctive online brand identity:




Your main site is your mothership; it’s the channel that all of your other resources revolve around.

Wherever possible, set up your site with a ‘.com’ domain name (rather than ‘’ or another variant). This gives your business a more established, international appeal. If un-registered, you could easily purchase both for under £50. But, if you leave it and someone else sees its value, you could end up paying four figures or more for ‘.com’. Save money and purchase early.

Social media

But, your main site needs to be supported by social media sites through which you communicate your brand identity, ethos, industry awareness and position, and the latest company developments.

There’s an epic selection of specialist and generic social media platforms to choose from, you’ve just got to decide which you should be using for your business.


Web design:

Visual media

Browser speeds are increasing all the time. This means faster load speeds and the capacity for types of media that take up more room. Text on its own is dull. So, spice it up with lots of images and graphics that match your brand style. Product guide videos are another powerful tool, with visitors 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video (


Over 40% of ecommerce sales are now made on mobile devices (, overtaking desktop sales back in 2014 ( This makes having a site that is compatible across all device types an absolute must. Here are the channels to remember:

  • Desktop computers (PC and Mac)
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows devices)
  • Tablets (iPad, Android, Windows devices)

User experience

The concept is old, but the method is new; you make more sales if the process is logical and straightforward. Make sure the site is mapped out clearly and insert links to make navigation easier. Have a defined colour palette, use colour to encourage action and link related areas (e.g. green for ‘Add to Basket’ and ‘Access Basket’ buttons).


Search Engine Optimisation:

Build trust and authority

The internet offers too much choice for you to succeed just by saying “Here’s this thing. It’s great. Buy it now.” The game has changed to something more holistic. Now, you need to persuade your audience of your individual expertise, and provide ‘thought leadership’ content that gives a clear benefit to the end user.

Publish regularly

Google will reward you for publishing regularly with enhanced site visibility. Most commentators agree that 500 words is the minimum word count you should aim for per post, and that the optimum post length is around 1,500 words. This can encompass a whole variety of formats, including:

  • Blogs/guest blogs (‘how to’ guides, tutorials, ‘Top 5’ lists, checklists/to do lists etc.)
  • White papers
  • News (industry and company with a unique take)

Meta information

Google will need a helping hand to index all your info, though. And this is where meta information comes in. Keywords aren’t as crucial as they used to be, but are still an important factor in determining the theme of a piece. In terms of content strategy and keyword usage today, think semantically and try to answer whole questions that people interested in your product/service might have. Meta information can also be used to explain what an image or video, which gives it a value closer to that of raw text.

Boosting your brand identity is a continuous, in-depth process that can reap dividends for your company. So, don’t bury your head in the sand. Get help from the experts at NS Design and make your site go further.

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