Big brands failing to engage on Twitter

Social media megaphoneA new report has shown that 25% of the world’s biggest brands are still using Twitter as a virtual megaphone to broadcast their marketing messages without bothering to engage with consumers.

The Brandwatch report, which monitored the Twitter activity of 253 brands, shows that large companies can find it just as challenging as small ones to generate maximum value from Twitter – but why is this so?

Part of the problem could be the silo approach of many brands. There are several departments that could feasibly have an input into the Twitter strategy, e.g. marketing, sales, customer service, and tech support. Many brands tend to set up multiple accounts, with dedicated streams for the aforementioned departments – which is fine if consumers know which one to contact and there’s a system for redirecting and processing queries sent to the wrong account – but it’s not hard to see how that could go wrong.

The other issue is the small size of the team typically responsible for managing the brand’s Twitter account(s): the average team size is just 4. This is the same for UK and US brands, even though in the US, teams typically send out 2,500 weekly tweets, compared with just 113 in the UK.

It’s clear that whatever the size of your business, you need to implement a consistent, unified Twitter strategy with engagement at its heart. If you’re interested in developing your social media skills, book a place on an upcoming Embrace the Space masterclass.