Becoming influential on Twitter

Twitter hashtagThere’s a lot of buzz around Twitter ‘influence’. We’ve surely all heard the terrifying news that the world’s most influential ‘Tweeter’ is neither Barack Obama nor Stephen Fry, but Justin Bieber. So, what do we mean by ‘influential’ and how is influential status achieved?

A large following

It goes without saying that you can’t influence anybody if they don’t know you exist, so you need to attract lots of followers using a similar mix of entertaining, educational and inspiring content that you’re already posting on Facebook. Or, if you’re Justin Bieber, by cultivating your own unique following of ‘Beliebers’ …

Keep up the tweets

Frequency of posting is key to success on Twitter. Its news feed layout makes Twitter the most ‘real time’ of all the social platforms – once you’ve posted an update you only have a matter of seconds until it’s moved down the feed to make way for other people’s content. Therefore you need to be making regular appearances in the news feed. Always remember that your followers are fickle: it’s even possible for them to auto-unfollow you if you do not post content on a regular basis.

Stay on topic

Influence counts when it’s subject-specific. Twitter isn’t the place to know a little about a lot: it’s somewhere to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Fortunately, Twitter has a really handy feature to help you stay on topic: hashtags. You can use them to categorise your updates, and put yourself in front of people who are browsing updates containing that specific hashtag.