Baby boomers on social media: a forgotten generation?

People on phones representing the best social media campaigns of 2018There are over 14 million baby boomers (aged 55-75) in the UK. This generation accounts for over 20% of the entire population. It’s also one of the wealthiest, with one in five baby boomers classed as millionaires! Contrary to popular belief, this group isn’t lagging behind when it comes to technology.

In this article, we discuss the importance of marketing to this generation, and how to reach baby boomers on social media.

How has coronavirus impacted baby boomers on social media?

Data from a 2018 report shows baby boomers spending almost 27 hours per week on social media, with Facebook being one of their preferred platforms. It also shows that they’re 19% more likely to share content than other generations and a whopping 58% more likely to click through to a brand’s website from a social post than millennials!

In the face of Coronavirus, the Internet has unquestionably become even more important for this generation, helping them access supplies and information from home, and stay connected with friends and family.

How to reach baby boomers on social media

So, with this generation being very much active on social media, how can your business reach out to them? Firstly, it’s worthwhile looking at your social media data to establish what your older audience is doing. What platforms and types of posts are they engaging with most? Unlike millennials who tend to favour more niche platforms, around 70% of those aged 55-64 are active on Facebook. It’s therefore a safe assumption that Facebook could be a good place to start when targeting this audience!

Techniques you might want to consider for marketing to this group include:

1) Using longer-form content

Whereas a younger generation may prefer short and snappy posts, baby boomers are more used to reading longer-form pieces. Make sure you format your content so it’s easy to read and ensure the text is broken up with sub-headings, bullets and images.

2) Including video

Baby boomers on social media enjoy engaging with video – with 27% regularly watching videos on Facebook. Content such as ‘how-tos’ or product demos are likely to go down well with this group. Just make sure you keep your videos to a maximum of around 3 minutes. Add social share buttons and a link to your site, as many baby boomers will take action after watching a video or share it with others.

3) Making your content easily shareable

As baby boomers love to share content, you should make your content as visually attractive and shareable as possible. Include prominent social share buttons and include share links to product or service pages on your website.

To sum up, baby boomers on social media are engaged and have spending power, so should not be overlooked in your marketing. Keep in mind that the typical buyer journey will be longer with an older audience and they’ll expect more detailed information to help them reach a decision. Longer-form posts and tools like ‘explainer’ videos are popular amongst this group, so factor this in when planning your content.


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