An introduction to Twitter Spaces for marketing

Twitter's 280-character countTwitter has always been experimental and keen to go beyond its flagship format of Tweets. 

The company’s latest innovation is Twitter Spaces, which emerged in 2021, replacing the ill-fated (and, truthfully, rather unoriginal!) Fleets function. Twitter Spaces is dedicated to audio-based content – an increasingly popular trend in the world of social media, as seen with ClubHouse and Facebook Live Audio Rooms

To help you make the most of the feature, we’re highlighting how Twitter Spaces works and how you can integrate it into your marketing strategy.

What exactly is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is one of the newest features on Twitter. It enables any user to create, host, and join audio conversations. A ‘Space’ on Twitter is essentially a chat room where users communicate by speaking into their microphones.

The advantage of Spaces is that it allows businesses to connect with audiences in a more personal way. After all, there’s only so much interaction you can have with a Tweet of up to 280 characters – so this feature enables open discussions on the platform. 

Spaces are public, allowing anyone to listen to the conversation. The account which creates a given Space acts as a host, with the option to designate two co-hosts. Spaces can have up to 13 speakers at one time, so if you’re seeking to have a varied and open discussion it’s an ideal format!

How to use Spaces for marketing

There are plenty of ways to engage with audiences on Twitter Spaces. It’s a unique format, and with a little creativity, your business can lead a fun and engaging discussion. Here are a few ways your brand can use Spaces:

  • Create a buzz around the launch of new products, services, or even a re-brand. Spaces is all about encouraging conversation, so you can generate some real excitement by hosting a discussion where you talk passionately about your new offerings to customers.
  • Lead a discussion about what’s going on in your industry. When there are any interesting developments or trends relating to your sector, host a Space to talk about them. This is an engaging way to demonstrate that your business keeps up with what’s going and is in tune with customer opinion. 
  • Catch up with your followers! Spaces enable you to connect with your customers in real-time, so you can hear customer perspectives and respond to them instantly. This is a far more personal approach than replying to a message.

If you’d like to see Spaces in action to get a feel for it, we’d recommend checking out @MadalynSklar. She hosts Spaces regularly, so take a look at her profile for some inspiration!

You’re in control

If you think that live audio conversations on Twitter sound a bit chaotic, we’d understand why. Thankfully, businesses hold the power to keep the discussions professional. When you’re hosting a Space, you decide who speaks and when. You can also mute, report, remove or even block participants to keep your Space positive and maintain your brand image. 

We hope this blog has helped introduce you to Twitter’s newest feature. For more of the latest digital marketing tips, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today or sign up to a webinar

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