An introduction to Google AdWords

Organic growth in GPay per click advertisingoogle search takes time. Google AdWords offers a ‘fast track’ to the top of the listings by placing your website in the sponsored listings at the top and right hand side of the search results, which can be a useful boost for your website while you develop your SEO strategy to gain better visibility in the organic search results.

You pay a small fee—a “cost per click” (CPC)—each time someone clicks the ad and visits your site. For businesses that haven’t yet cracked Google’s search index, or want to gain more hits for a specific marketing campaign, AdWords is ideal.

Know your worth

Google will give a recommended bid price, such as 51p for “pink socks.” It is your choice to bid higher or lower—and if several other people are bidding on a certain keyword, its CPC will increase. You can make a low bid and hope for cheap clicks; bid Google’s suggested amount; or bid high for maximum CPC of, say, 5 pounds.

Very high bids ensure your ad will go to the top of the search page rather than the side. But to be successful, you need a keyword strategy.

Research your keywords

Your ideal keywords combine the lowest competition with the highest monthly global searches that have the most relevance to your business. And generally speaking, Google search traffic for your keywords should reach 1,000 global or local searches per month, depending on your business needs. Any number less than 1,000 could mean you may not see maximum value.

You can find out more about Google AdWords on our Internet Marketing page.


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