An app for skin cancer?

I’m pretty sceptical about this. It’s an app for the iPhone which analyses moles on people’s skin and tells them if there’s anything to be concerned about.

Any use of technology to help fight one of the world’s biggest killers is a great development and I’m convinced smart phones and the internet can make a massive contribution to solving health problems BUT I’m a bit worried about this.

I should stress I haven’t used this app yet and can’t comment specifically on how it operates. But we’re always told the key thing with skin cancer is to go to a GP and get any strange spots, moles, or patches checked out immediately. My fear is this might put some people off and they’d get used to monitoring the situation on their phone, rather than going to visit a professional.

I’m sure this app makes it clear that it’s a guide and no replacement for a physician but I think there’s needs to be very careful guidance when using such readily available technology for such a potentially serious condition. Maybe Apple should launch a seperate “health division” which works with the professional agencies and experts and decides what’s suitable to include and issues some official guidance on their use? I’m interested in your thoughts.

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