A week with NSDesign (work experience in the digital marketing sector)

Hello! My name is Ryan Harley. As you may have noticed from the tweets and blog posts I’ve made, I’ve been with NSDesign from Tuesday until Friday doing my 4th year work experience placement with them. As my final task of the week, of the series of tasks that I have been asked to do, is to write a blog post about my experiences over the week, so here it is.

On Tuesday I arrived at 9 o’clock and was led up the stairs to meet Gary. We had a meeting outlining the plan for the week, set out the tasks that I was to complete, and I went in to the office to meet the team. I was given a computer to work at and started to work away. My first task was to create a Prezi presentation. I’d never used the programme before, so it was a totally new experience, but a fun one at that. It was completely different to anything I’d ever worked with, but was really easy to get used to. I then presented my presentation to the team, and it seemed to go down pretty well. Midway through the day I sat in on a meeting with one of NSDesign’s Web Design clients regarding updates they want to have done to their website.  I then began the second task of the day, creating a blog post on behalf of the company, on a subject of my choice. I chose to do my blog entry on social media and it’s relationship with up and coming independent musicians.

On my second day, I came in and wrote the first of the tweets for NSDesign, that continued throughout the week. I also started working on my third task of the week, a research task on the decline of offline shopping and the rise in the online shopping business and technology that some shops are using in their stores. Gary needed facts and figures for an upcoming workshop that he is doing with shop owners, so as I am here he asked me to get him research on it. Next was to sit in another meeting with a company about to partner with NSDesign on an interesting Web Design/Social Media project.

On Thursday I conducted a brand review on NSDesign, outlining how they have construced their brand and how effectively it is working. Later on, I started to create a Prezi presentation, about myself and a short bit about my experiences at NSDesign. As well as tweeting throughout the day, I started this blog post just before the end of the day.

On Friday, my last day with NSDesign, I finished the Prezi presentation that I had started the previous afternoon, making it much more technical than the one I had created at the start of the week. Gary and I also took on a little side project of trying to get a previously not working piece of equipment to read out RSS feeds, play radio stations and move around, which ended up pretty successful in the end. My final task was to write this blog post.

I really enjoyed my week of work experience with NSDesign. The guys were really nice and were helpful whenever it was required. It was a great experience and I won’t forget it anytime soon. Thanks a lot everyone!


Ryan’s latest Prezi:

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