A 5-Page website for just £295? Get real!!

It never continues to amaze me just how many (so called) web design companies I see offering a “5 page business website for just £295” (or some other nice price plucked from thin air).

Are they serious?  Unfortunately – most of them probably are.

Long gone are the days when websites were sold by the page – promoting this now simply advertises the fact that as a web designer, you are building sites using old out of date methods with little concern for the client.

Most websites are designed around 1 fixed structure and layout – of course this may vary at times, and the design of the homepage may appear visually different, but essentially – every website follows (at least it should) a consistent design and layout.  So – design and code the “framework”, give the client access to a Content Management System (CMS), and allow them to create as many pages as they like.  Limiting them to 5 “static pages” (where the designer has actually spent 95% of their time designing ONE PAGE and 5% copying the code over the remaining 4) means when they need even just 1 or 2 exra pages, it’s back to the designer and more “per page” fees.  Even just to make a few simple edits (a change of text or some images) it’s often a case of more fees and waiting for the designer to get round to it.

We see so many clients here in the Glasgow office, who come in asking questions such as “how many pages do I get?”, and once we explain that webdesign no longer works like that – for most of them, it’s almost a lightbulb moment.   So while you may think that “5 pages are more than enough”, and “why should I pay more”, consider the future and the expansion possibilities for your site.  High Quality, Accessible, Business websites are still available for budget prices – our NSBuilder package proves that – just don’t get into a situation where you’re forking out ridiculous extra fees for an extra page or a 2 minute job to fix a spelling mistake.  If your current site doesn’t allow YOU to make these changes (at no cost other than the time it takes you) then perhaps time to think again.

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3 Responses to “A 5-Page website for just £295? Get real!!”

  1. Fraser

    Even though this rant is a repeat from last year, it still holds true. These days webpages are dynamic and database driven, rather than the static pages of old. Makes it tricky to work out how much to charge your clients I bet though gary…

  2. Gary

    To be honest Fraser, our pricing structure is very straight forward. We know how long certain “types” of site take to develop or how “involved” the extra functionality is going to be, so we can pretty much put an accurate fixed price on any development project having spent just 30mins chatting it over with the client.