8 ways to use ChatGPT for business

chatgptChatGPT: love it or hate it, this AI text generation tool isn’t going anywhere, despite all the recent news about OpenAI (the company behind it) and their internal troubles. So, how can you use it to your business’s advantage?

Let’s take a look at eight potential use cases (certainly not an exhaustive list!). 

ChatGPT can:

1. Be your personal assistant

Ask it questions, get it to plan a travel itinerary, or conduct subject matter research. If you have version 4, it can access live data from the web, whereas version 3.5 is trained only up to 2021. Bear this in mind when asking it to report on anything that’s happened in recent months or years, as you’ll want to fact-check what it gives you.

2. Give creative business advice

“Act like a” is a brilliant start to a ChatGPT prompt. Ask it to “act like a business advisor” to make suggestions for your new company name or strapline. It can even give basic PR or financial advice (don’t fire your accountant just yet, though!). Check out this recent piece about the ‘Triple R’ prompt framework to get the best advice from ChatGPT.

3. Write (simple) marketing materials

ChatGPT can produce social media updates, email campaigns and press releases in bulk. As tempting as this sounds, however, use the results as inputs not outputs. You’ll need to edit them so they have your original perspective and voice.

4. Generate content ideas

Stuck in a rut with your content plan? Ask ChatGPT for a month’s worth of social, blog and email ideas, then edit as needed. Make sure you’re providing sufficient detail in your prompt so the suggested ideas are relevant to your business, and align with your goals and objectives. Take advantage of the ‘Custom Instructions’ which you can set within ChatGPT and ensure it knows the company basics, while also specifying your preferred tone of voice or writing style.

5. Conduct market research

Generate customer personas and insights – just make sure you double-check any facts it comes back with. Remember that marketing isn’t just about the message, it’s about the recipient receiving that message, and understanding who your customer actually is. Ask ChatGPT to outline typical customers, what their day looks like, which tools and online platforms they might use, and build a better picture of who you’re actually marketing to! See what results you get back from running SWOT or competitor analyses too!

6. Summarise long-form content

Got a long blog or white paper that you need to summarise quickly? ChatGPT is the ideal tool for the job. It will format the summary in any way you want, e.g. as an email or landing page, and in your chosen style too.  A great example would be giving ChatGPT a fairly lengthy (and dry) job advert that you’re running on a job board website, and asking it to make it more concise and fun, to be used as a Facebook post instead. Quickly repurposing content like this is a clever way to become more efficient on your social channels, without resorting to just copy/paste.

7. Produce internal documents

Speed up the production of company policy documents, reports, funding applications, and more by asking ChatGPT to generate the first draft. If there’s a required word count on your document, then ChatGPT can help you slim it down (or flesh it out!) as required.

8. Write a video script

With a simple prompt, e.g. “write a 30 second video script explaining how to change a tyre”, the tool will generate a script for you. Either use it yourself, or combine it with an image and feed it through an AI powered studio like D-ID to generate a video!  Remember that ChatGPT is just one powerful tool in the box, and when combined with other Gen-AI tools that’s when you can really start getting creative.


There you have it: eight potential use cases, of many! And, if you’ve bought a subscription to version 4 of ChatGPT, you can also use it to generate images, write code, analyse data, and access plugins to help you achieve even more. Don’t forget, though, that some of these additional features can also be played with for free by using the version of ChatGPT found within the Microsoft Bing search engine.

For more help with your digital marketing and how AI can help, get booked onto one of our AI for small business webinars, or talk to our team about our 1-2-1 consultancy and training.

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