71% of businesses want bigger digital marketing budgets for 2013

iStock_000016422246XSmall (2)New research from Econsultancy and Responsys Marketing Budgets 2013 Report has shown that almost 3 out of 4 businesses intend to increase their digital marketing budgets this year – whilst only 20% intend to increase funding for their offline marketing pursuits.

The survey, which took into account opinions from more than 800 professional marketers, also highlighted particular digital areas where the increased funding would be pinpointed. The top five results were:

It is unsurprisingly that content marketing has come out on top, particularly when a previous Econsultancy survey showed that 90% of professionals predicted that the area would become increasingly important throughout 2013. However, with more than half of all respondents planning to increase their funding to all five of these disciplines, it is fair to say that digital marketers should be focusing on all of these important aspects as part of their strategies.

However, whilst digital marketing budgets are set to increase, and marketers seem to have a good idea of the areas they will turn their attentions to, they are still finding it difficult to measure the return on their investment. Only 50% of Econsultancy’s respondents claimed that they had a ‘very good’ understanding of their digital ROI, and 18% went as far as to say that their understanding was ‘very poor’.

Digital marketing is a valuable resource for any modern company, but it’s essential that marketers try to get a grasp on the results that it produces. Do you know how to measure your company’s digital ROI?