7 spooktacular social media ideas for Halloween

One of the things small businesses worry about most when it comes to social media is a lack of visibility. It can be difficult to feel seen or heard when you don’t have a ready-made audience or a huge budget for paid exposure. Key calendar dates such as Halloween, however, offer a fantastic opportunity to create themed social media campaigns to raise your profile. Here are 7 spooktacular social media ideas to help you get noticed this Halloween:

1. Host a Halloween contest or giveaway

Everybody loves a giveaway, and Halloween is the perfect time for it. You could host a social media competition, for example to tell a scary story in 5 words, and offer a prize to the winner. Or, you could raffle off a Halloween hamper (or other themed prize), and ask people to enter by engaging with your post. Asos did a great job of this a few years ago with their ‘Trick or Tweet’ competition.

2. Decorate your social media pages

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your social media branding. Use Canva to whip up a Halloween themed banner image and profile picture for your social media pages to show your followers that you’re keeping up with the times. Think pumpkins, witches hats and black cats – and don’t be afraid to get creative!

3. Theme your products and services

From spooky sandwiches to fearsome fries, there are many ways you can add a Halloween twist to your products and services. (And you don’t have to be in the food industry, either!)

Everybody appreciates a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, and Halloween is a great opportunity to take advantage of this with some clever puns.

4. Offer a Halloween discount

Discounts are popular all year round, and Halloween is no exception. Offer ‘scary savings’ and ‘dastardly discounts’ to persuade your followers that now is the time to open their wallets. Make sure you put a time-limit on any offers, so people know they won’t be around forever.

5. Ask your followers to share Halloween photos

Halloween is the perfect time to encourage some user-generated content. Ask your followers to tag your brand in their Halloween costume pictures and offer a reward for the best – or scariest – contribution.

6. Track Halloween hashtags

Take the opportunity to join in wider conversations about Halloween by keeping track of relevant hashtags. In particular, look out for any Halloween related hashtags within any communities relevant to you, such as other local businesses or brands within your industry. Don’t be afraid of sharing other people’s posts, either: you might just find they return the favour.

7. Create a themed social media story

Show your followers what you’re up to this Halloween with a Facebook/ Instagram story. Your story could be as simple as wishing your followers a happy Halloween. Or, you could take them on a ‘behind the scenes’ journey to check out your real-life Halloween decorations/ party. You could also use stories to promote any Halloween-specific products or discounts.


We hope these spooktacular social media ideas have given you some inspiration! 

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