7 last-minute Christmas social media ideas

Think you’ve run out of time to get some extra visibility and engagement on your social media channels in the run-up to Christmas? Well, think again!

The big day might be just around the corner, but we’ve put together a list of seven last-minute Christmas social media ideas that are easy for small businesses to put into action. They are also bound to catch the attention of your followers – both old and potentially new! 

1.   Countdown to Christmas Day

There might only be a few days to go but this could really help to ramp up the excitement amongst your followers as December 25th gets closer! Plus, by using pre-designed Christmas templates from Canva, you can make these posts even more visually engaging.

2.   Holiday-themed quiz or poll 

Who doesn’t love a quiz? Research some easy questions to make it super simple for your followers to join in the fun, and maybe even add an extra incentive by offering them the chance to win a discount code or prize.

3.   Encourage your followers to share their own holiday traditions or memories

When it comes to Christmas everyone has their own special tradition, so why not create a conversation with your followers to help spread that festive spirit?

4.   Behind-the-scenes festive photos or videos

What better way to build a bond with your followers and bring your brand to life than showing your own little group of elves hard at work getting customers’ orders ready before Christmas? We think this is one of the easiest Christmas social media ideas to try!

5.   Christmas-themed tips, recipes, or DIY ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, the last-minute panic to bake the perfect festive sweet treat or create a special present can set in. To help your followers avoid this last-minute rush, why not share some ideas that can save the day?

6.   User-generated Christmas content

Take your engagement to a whole new level by sharing user-generated content from your followers that shows all the fun they are having in the run-up to Christmas. Think photos of them baking, present wrapping, walks in the snow… just remember to credit them by tagging their account details in your post.

7.   Christmas-themed e-newsletter and social links

To help with any last minute present buying ideas, why not share your latest e-newsletter on your social media channels? You never know, you may attract some new subscribers!

For a more strategic approach to social media in 2023, why not enrol on our Embrace the Space course in January, and/or take inspiration from our 2023 content ideas calendar?

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole NSDesign team!

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