62% of consumers find digital ads ‘annoying’

iStock_000012361461XSmall (2)New research from Adobe has shown that 62% of consumers find online advertisements annoying, whilst 45% find them “invasive” and 44% “distracting”. Customers in the UK are more receptive to online ads than those in Europe, but it’s clear that marketers still need to work on their online strategy in order to make a connection with their audiences.

So if consumers are turned off by most digital ads, what are they looking for instead?

  • 57% of consumers believe that beautiful advertising is more effective
  • 29% think that every brand needs a funny viral video, and 67% say a video is worth 1,000 words
  • 74% believe that advertisements should tell a unique story, not just try to sell

As Mark Phibbs, the vice president of marketing for EMEA explains, “Some digital advertising is failing to hit the mark. While digital provides great promise, it is not being delivered in an emotionally compelling or targeted way. The ability to tell a story and connect with consumers is as vital as ever.”

The survey feedback indicates that consumers want more attractive, authentic content, designed to engage rather than sell, delivered through mediums like social media, blogging, and video. This type of content allows them to build a stronger connection with the brand.

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