61% of marketers think their email campaigns are average at best

iStock_000016976294XSmallNew data from Econsultancy and Adestra’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 has shown that more than half of all marketers (61%) are lacking confidence when it comes to their email marketing campaigns – ranking them either as ‘average’ or ‘poor’. Only a rather miniscule 4% of marketers would refer to their own campaigns as ‘excellent’.

According to the report, these are the key pitfalls:

  • 27% of marketers spend no time optimising their emails
  • 71% have basic to non-existent email optimisation strategies for mobiles
  • Only 18% spend more than eight hours planning the design and content of their campaign

It seems that of the 1,300 marketers that Econsultancy surveyed, very few have invested enough time and effort into their email campaigns to be truly proud of them.

The research considered the amount and type of marketing emails being carried out, the way that the campaign is conducted, issues affecting the industry and the popularity of email when compared with other digital marketing methods. The results show that the majority of marketers need to fine-tune their email efforts to get the results they require.

If you’re one of the 61% of marketers who would rate your campaign as ‘average’ or ‘poor’, it’s time to make some improvements.