6 ways to optimise your Facebook business page

Optimise your Facebook business pageIf you’re a small business, you should think about how to optimise your Facebook business page.

It’s where many potential customers will find your brand, so you need to make the most of it! Look at our suggestions and start optimising your Facebook business page today!

Why is optimisation for Facebook so important?

With more than 2 billion active users each month, Facebook is a great resource for finding new clients. This is especially true when you’re using its targeting features, messaging apps and other gadgets.

Your business page can be your audience’s first impression of your company, so it makes sense you’d want it to be as good as possible.

Furthermore, if you don’t make a page for your business, Facebook will often create one for you by default (because of staff activity, or customers checking in).  Therefore, we believe it’s always best to control your own content (and consequently your reputation), so you’d better create and optimise your Facebook business page today!

How to optimise your Facebook business page

1. Choose the right name

It sounds obvious, but the name of your Facebook business page should match that of your other social media platforms and your website.

The first word is the most important for Google, so make sure it’s your brand name!

2. Customise your vanity URL (your Facebook username)

Facebook offers two types of URL:

  1. Dynamic – this is automatically generated, when you sign up
  2. Vanity – this can be changed as you want it

With a dynamic URL (where no username has been set), you’ll end up with a complicated web address, such as:


We’d suggest going for the second option and changing it to match your brand name.

You’ll then end up with a personalised URL which is much easier to read and remember. Take a look at our Facebook page, as an example:


This will make it easier for people to find you, and help give your business page a little SEO boost!

To change your URL, just visit your ‘About’ tab, and click edit next to ‘Username’. Bear in mind that all Facebook usernames must be unique. Therefore, if someone has already picked the name you want, you’ll have to be creative and think of something else.

3. Complete your profile

A half-completed profile looks bad – audiences will think you’re out of touch or disengaged!

To properly optimise your Facebook business page, you need an eye-catching profile picture and cover photos, a strong bio and all your profile info in place (including phone number and address).

Your profile information needs to be correct, up to date and in line with your brand style for it to be effective. Try using the same elements across all your social media channels for brand consistency.

4. Pick the right category

In your ‘About’ page, make sure you pick the 3 categories which best represent your business.  You can choose, or edit, these using the ‘Edit Page Info’ link (found under the three little dots) next to the page’s ‘Like’ button.

As you’ll discover, the options are limited, but choose the closest fit. This will help ensure you appear when people search using these categories. It will also help your profile appear on other business pages, under the ‘People Also Like’ section.

5. Carefully craft your ‘About’ tab

Make sure you complete the boxes on your About page in full. Use them to tell your visitors everything they need to know about your business. Include:

  • Where you are (via the ‘Find us’ section)
  • What your product/service is
  • Working hours
  • Your start date
  • Links to website and additional social profiles

Ensure you write a compelling ‘Story’ (remember to use some target keywords), and consider adding ‘Milestones’ to help flag up the most important aspects of your history.

6. Use Facebook features

Facebook has lots of other features to help you out, try:

Call to action button

This button (which appears just under your cover image) can help attract attention and promote conversions (choose from options such as – sign up, book now, contact us, use app and more).


Talk to new customers directly and develop personalised relationships.

Pinned post

Keep time-sensitive or important posts at the top of your page.

So that’s it, a very quick guide on how to optimise your Facebook business page. We hope it helps!

Do you need to optimise your Facebook business page? Get in touch with our experts today.

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