6 vital steps to prepare social media channels for Christmas

Santa representing Christmas Social Marketing

Started thinking about how to prepare your social media channels for Christmas?

Well, it’s cutting it a little fine, but there’s a lot you can do to get everything set up to make the most of this time while also giving yourself a well-earned break.

Prepare social media channels for Christmas with these handy tips

Here’s how we recommend you get your social media channels ready for Christmas:

1) Prepare in advance

You’ll struggle to rustle up a whole new social media strategy and put everything in place with the million other things going on at this time of year. So, it’s worth prepping in advance as much as possible.

A good New Year’s resolution would be to sit down with your marketing bods at the end of summer to set out your Christmas campaign goals. As part of this, try to predict what events and topics are likely to be hot over the festive period.

2) Automate posts and responses

No one wants to sit in their garish jumper sending out posts on Christmas morning. Schedule your posts well in advance to give yourself and your team a breather.

Remember, Christmas is pretty unique in terms of engagement. While your customers will probably have more free time than normal, they’re also unlikely to be glued to their Twitter feeds. So, don’t feel the need to go overboard with your posts.

3) Add some festive flair

Get into the festive spirit by making a few choice adaptations to your social media channels.

Think about adding some reds and greens to your colour schemes, and maybe updating your profile images to reflect the season.

Don’t be afraid to jump on the seasonal bandwagon. Chat about this year’s Christmas ads (Iceland’s banned ad has already gone viral), the perils of spending too much time with family, charity initiatives – anything Christmas-related.

4) Offer seasonal specials

‘Tis the season to be spending. And, while your customers might be short on cash, chances are they’ll still have their eyes open for a bargain at this time of year.

Get into the festive spirit and use your social media channels to promote some generous Christmas deals. Or, create a campaign around a festive competition that will see one lucky winner walk away with a hamper full of goodies.

5) Bridge the gap between online and offline

Help drive footfall to your stores. Use your social media feeds to tell customers about opening hours, in-store deals/discounts and upcoming sales.

Regardless of whether you operate physical stores or not, this is also a great time to add more of a human face to your brand. Think about posting a few (tasteful) photos from the Christmas party.

6) Consider customer service

Whether they’re contacting you about Christmas orders, deliveries/returns or simply your seasonal opening hours, you’ll find your customer services channels get rammed this time of year.

You need a plan in place to handle all the things that are likely to come in via your social media feeds. Emotions run high this time of year, so you’ll need to turn your damage control up to 11. Leave a complaint unresolved (or, worse still, unrecognised) and you’ll be leaving your customer to fester into the new year.

Follow these steps and add a dash of your own festive imagination to prepare social media channels for Christmas, and give yourself time to put your feet up.

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