6 key ways to reach new customers using social media

Reach new customers using social mediaSmall businesses can undoubtedly reach new customers using social media. This is one of the key elements that draws SMEs to social media marketing, though there is a host of other benefits too.

Here we’ll look at some of the methods behind the madness, and offer our top tips on how to acquire new customers through your social media platforms. Enjoy!

Why is social media great for customer acquisition?

Currently, there are 2.46 billion social media users worldwide. Employing social media marketing techniques means that your small business can (theoretically) reach them all.

Social media gives SMEs access to a huge potential customer base, the trick is to target segments of it effectively and build brand awareness. This might sound like a daunting task, but don’t worry, we’ve got some great advice:

The top 6 ways to reach new customers using social media:

1. Choose the right platforms

There’s no point in talking to an empty room – identify the platforms your target audience uses, and post to those. For younger customers, use Instagram and Snapchat; for slightly older clients, or B2B, try Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Communicate with your customers

We know what you’re thinking: “how does talking to my existing customers help reach new ones?”

You have to remember that social media is a public forum. Anything you say to one customer can be seen by all their followers. Present a positive online persona by providing information, entertaining content, and personalised messages, and you will quickly attract new followers.

3. Host events

Social media events are a great way to attract new customers. By hosting live-tweeting sessions, asking questions, or even holding competitions, you’ll create a buzz around your brand that will reach beyond your current followers.

Just make sure your event is relevant to your brand/offering and you’ll be onto a winner.

4. Pick the right hashtags

Lots of people search for hashtags about a subject, product, trend, company or even an entire industry. Align your hashtags with common searches so you’re at the top of a prospect’s list when they want more info.

Use hashtags to connect with customers. There are approximately 500 million tweets posted per day, so chances are one might be about your brand/event, but you may not have been tagged.

Make sure you don’t miss out on vital customer interaction by setting up regular Twitter searches for keywords associated with your brand. You’ll get alerts when someone mentions you, and you’ll be able to interact directly with prospective/new customers.

5. Post relevant, exciting and engaging content

The higher the quality of your content, the more shares you’ll get and the more people you’ll ultimately reach.

Make sure you think outside of the box and provide engaging and entertaining content, as well as the educational stuff.

Nothing grabs attention like carefully-crafted social media images, so why not use them in all of your posts to help you stand out in news feeds?

6. Use social media analytics

Measure your performance using social media analytics. This will help you make decisions about your approach, and whether you need to adjust your social media strategy.

So, that’s it – six key ways to acquire new customers through social media. Try them out today!

For more information on how to reach new customers using social media, sign-up for our next Embrace the Space course, or talk to one of our team.

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