6 amazing social media tools for your business

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Social media is a staple of modern day society. In this digital age, it’s really important that your business is present on social platforms, but it is also important that you don’t let the content creation consume all of your time. As the use of social media for business has grown, many social media tools have been developed to help make your life easier.

From scheduling, to content creation, to analytics, these tools do it all! These systems can be a life saver if you’re pushed for time and need to get content out asap. Remember, regular and consistent content is the best kind of content – it’s boosts engagement with your company and can even be beneficial for your click-through-rates.

Here are our top 6 social media tools that we think you should take advantage of to help your social media output run like clockwork.


Some clever people realised that business owners don’t want to be logging on to all the social media sites at certain points of the day – it’s time consuming and easy to forget about if you’re in a rush. Here are the best scheduling social media tools we’ve found:

Hootsuite – This is a social media management tool; great for scheduling and sharing your posts across multiple social media platforms. From here you can access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ as well as some of the smaller players (Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit). You can also analyse your social media statistics through this social media tool and can delegate tasks to your team from the tool itself. More about Hootsuite.

Buffer – Buffer is very similar to Hootsuite, but it’s focus is on posting and scheduling rather than full social media management. It can schedule posts across most of the big platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +) and analyses the response to each individual post so you know what’s working and why.

Content Creation

Content comes in all different shapes and sizes, so sometimes you may need a presentation, a photo or some sort of graphic. Small businesses generally can’t afford an in-house designer or agency rates so you might want to learn how to do this yourself. Here are some tools that have helped us along the way:

Canva – We’ve nicknamed this social media tool ‘Illustrator lite’ as it does almost everything Adobe Illustrator does, but quicker, simpler and (even better) for free! You can create graphics, posters, social media images and more in just a few clicks, and there’s normally a free template or two to give you some inspiration.  Head over to www.canva.com for more.

Slideshare – Upload your presentations or create completely new ones online. It’s a great way to build your audience, and is much more informative for your customers than a normal Tweet or a Facebook post. Use your other social media platforms to advertise your presentations and watch your click-through-rate soar!

Google Alerts – Set alerts for your name, your company and any topics that interest you. Any positive mention or new news story can become a feather in your social media cap, so these alerts should be your first port of call during content creation sessions.

MailChimp – This is an email marketing tool. It has ready-made templates for you to use, so all you have to do is drag and drop your images and text then press that big red button and send it out to your emailing lists. It’s simple, easy and effective and can analyse each campaign as well as schedule campaigns for the future.

You see? Social media doesn’t need to be the scary, time consuming monster that we assume it to be. With the right social media tools at your side, you’ll become an unstoppable social media machine!

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