5 ways to overhaul and improve your social media for 2023

There’s no time like a new year to give your social media channels a refresh. 

Chances are, you came back from the Christmas break with plenty of new ideas for your business. Maybe you’ve even started some new projects as a result. Now it’s time to make sure your social media for 2023 reflects those ambitions. 

Your social media in 2023: 5 areas to explore

Let’s take a look at these 5 areas to improve on:

1. Profile descriptions

They may not be the most exciting part of your social media strategy, but the introductory blurb on each of your profiles is often the first thing people see, and your first opportunity to influence them. While consistency is usually a good approach, you might want to tailor them to different platforms, making sure each packs a punch, and clearly states a) who you are, b) what you do, and c) why your target audience should care!

2. Imagery

Are you still using the same set of stock images for your social media posts? Let 2023 be the year you revamp your imagery, and a good place to start could be your Facebook and LinkedIn cover images above your profiles, or your pinned posts on Instagram – visually the first things people see. 

There’s nothing wrong with using stock accounts – although if you sell products you should certainly consider taking some gorgeous photos of your own. But if you are using stock images, try to think of more creative or unusual angles to explore. Be aware that most images from Pixabay or UnSplash are royalty free, and can be used without any copyright issues, or you could sign up to Canva to create eye-catching branded posts. Look out for Canva training sessions from your local Business Gateway.

3. New content types

Move outside of your comfort zone and try out a new type of content this year. If you’ve only ever posted text and images, give video a go (a favourite smartphone app of mine for simple effective video creation is “Quik” by GoPro – don’t worry – you don’t need a GoPro!) Video is still favoured highly in social media algorithms, and will often deliver a higher reach.

Or, if you tend to post but not comment, make sure you build regular engagement with other posts into your social media plan for 2023. Just by dropping some likes or comments on other people’s and business’s social channels, you’ll increase your own brand awareness.  Just don’t go spamming others – always add relevant valuable additions to the conversation.

4. Customer feedback

Take a look back at 2022. Which customers did you really enjoy helping? Have you asked them for a review or testimonial? Make sure you shout your success stories from the rooftops in your social media for 2023. Ratings, reviews and recommendations (the 3 R’s!) go a long way in establishing new trust in new customers, and what other people say about you might be more powerful than anything you can say yourself.

5. Sales messages

Yes, social media is social, and you don’t want to spam it with endless promos, but at the same time, people need to know what you do. How else can they understand that you can solve their problems? 

Why not start the new year with a campaign that reminds people exactly what you do? Try and carry out some case studies which showcase your happy customers (and what you did for them), or create some infographics to highlight the difference you are making.

What’s next? A content calendar!

OK, so you’ve followed all our advice and spruced up your social media pages. Now you need to make sure you have a consistent presence on each channel in 2023. This is where a content calendar can hugely improve your day to day workload.. 

A content calendar is how you organise what you’re going to say on each channel and when. Depending on what works best for your business, you could plan a month or even a quarter in advance. In fact, you could put the key dates in for the whole year with the help of our handy blog on the topic!

You don’t need any fancy or expensive tools to create a content calendar: a spreadsheet will do the job, or you could use a Google calendar. Even just a ‘traditional’ A0 Yearly planner pinned on the wall next to the office kettle – so everyone sees it while making a cuppa!  The important thing is to create an accessible workable plan for publishing regular content, and stick to it.

You’ll soon see the difference it makes to your following and engagement!

For more help with your digital marketing, get booked onto one of our social media masterclasses, buy the bestselling book, or talk to our team.

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