5 ways to find customers on Twitter for free

Twitter's 280-character countIn the current climate, most small businesses are looking to maximise their marketing efforts whilst keeping a close eye on budget. With over 180 million daily users, Twitter could prove a significant part of your marketing arsenal, so you need to ensure you’re using it to its full potential.

This article looks at some practical ways to pick up customers on Twitter!

1) Improve your Twitter profile

Make sure your profile is professional and in line with your brand. Consider elements like logo use and colour. Pay particular attention to creating a strong and engaging bio, as it  helps create that vital first impression. Your bio should provide a useful overview of your business to existing and prospective customers. And don’t forget to include a link to your website!

2) Find and follow your existing contacts

If your Twitter feed could do with a little livening up you might want to think about importing your existing contacts. If you sync your existing contacts from your mobile phone, Twitter will display the accounts associated with their emails or phone numbers, which will help you find people you already know. When Twitter has uploaded this info, it will suggest people you know for you to follow. This is another handy and simple way of widening your network and reach on this platform.

3) Run a Twitter poll

A Twitter poll allows you to ask your audience questions, giving them four answer options. They’re a great way to create engagement with your audience, and unlock their opinions on your products, service and content!

4) Be hashtag-savvy

Knowing how to use hashtags can make a huge difference to your Twitter engagement and how ‘seen’ your business is. Hashtags connect your content to a specific subject, event or conversation. They make it easier for users to find relevant posts and are an effective way to build your brand. Think about following:

– Transactional hashtags: Look for hashtags that are used by customers seeking what you provide, and reply!

– Trending hashtags: Find topics and hashtags that are trending on Twitter. Participate in these conversations and you could gain new customers on Twitter or pick up some extra followers.

– #JournoRequest hashtag: This hashtag is used by journalists seeking sources for stories. Reply quickly, and they might just quote you in their next article!

5) Take part in social listening

Pay attention to Twitter conversations that might help you better understand your existing customers as well as prospective ones. Look out for your business name, your competitors, and industry conversation so you can refine your message and target new followers. Twitter’s advanced search tool will help with this, you can also use search streams in Hootsuite to keep on top of content related to your business, sector and products/services.

We hope that this article gives you some actionable steps to improve your Twitter presence, expand your followers and win new customers. Try them out today!


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