5 things that could be stopping people purchasing from your ecommerce website

ecommerce websiteGetting traffic to your ecommerce website but not many sales? Here are five things that could be stopping your visitors from pressing the “buy” button.

1. Insufficient delivery or returns information

If your delivery or returns information is unclear, hard to find or missing, it could be putting purchasers off. Don’t leave it until the checkout to share delivery costs, make sure it is clear on the product page how much delivery is and how and when buyers can expect to receive their purchases.

Likewise, a clear returns policy will give potential purchasers to confidence to go through with their purchase, knowing what options they have if something isn’t right.

2. Not responsive

Online shopping has gone mobile, with nearly half of consumers using phones or tablets to research and purchase items. People trying to purchase on smartphones or tablets may give up if your website doesn’t function properly on their device – so ensure your website and purchase process works smoothly across all devices. A responsive design will also boost your site’s ranking on Google searches, driving more traffic to your site.

3. Poor user experience

If using your website is difficult, it could cause visitors to abandon their purchase. Areas to consider include:

  • Is your website slow to load?
  • Is it easy to find products and add them to the basket?
  • Is it clear where to go next when you want to check out?
  • Is the checkout process straightforward?
  • Do you ask for too much unnecessary information in order to check out?

4. Not enough credibility

What evidence is there on your website that you are a trustworthy company? Customers are up to 63% more likely to purchase from a site that includes reviews. Reviews and testimonials act as social proof, helping to reassure buyers that their purchases will arrive.

Research has also found that including your business address, contact details and staff profiles helps to increase credibility – so make sure these are visible on your site.

5. Bad product pages

The description of your product or service needs to be excellent if you are to convince visitors that they want to part with their hard earned cash.

Are your product descriptions detailed enough? If they lack crucial information or contain poor product photography, then visitors probably won’t feel they have enough information to go ahead and purchase.

Likewise, make sure your description answers any objections people might have prior to purchasing. If you get common questions about a product, always include the answer in your description, as it could be one small thing that’s stopping someone from clicking “buy”.

What else could improve ecommerce?

To find and fix any other issues that might be hampering ecommerce sales, review your purchase process from your customer’s perspective.

Make sure you are not making assumptions about their knowledge and provide all the information and reassurance they need to buy from you. By making the purchase process as smooth as possible, you are more likely to see purchases completed. To get expert help on re-designing your ecommerce site, you can contact the NS Design team today.

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