5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid

When done right, social media has massive potential to build brand awareness, establish a community around your business, and expand your client base. However, it’s not an easy nut to crack and there’s just as much potential to get things wrong along the way! In this article, we look at five common social media marketing mistakes to avoid.

5 social media marketing mistakes to avoid

Every man and his dog (or cat) is on social media and, with worldwide social media users up 521 million in the last year, it’s a critical area that businesses shouldn’t overlook! However, the sheer number of businesses on social media also means that you need to stand out to get your customer’s attention!

In saying that, you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons, so let’s take a look at some social media marketing mistakes so you know what to avoid.

1) Working without a plan

Posting to social media sporadically about any old topic without working to a wider plan is unlikely to bring success! You first need to understand your goals, your target audience, your tone of voice, and what your content will look like (i.e. topics and format). Nail down these basics before you go any further, as they will be the foundation for everything that follows!

2) Not understanding (or targeting) your target audience

The last thing you want to do is simplify your audience to the point that it’s everyone! You may have heard me say this on a webinar already – “Stop talking to the world. The world doesn’t care.” The beauty of social media is that it allows you to connect and engage directly with your audience. Posts for audiences that are too wide or generic aren’t likely to receive much engagement or interest. So, define your ideal customer persona(s) first, narrow it down to the people that might actually care, then tailor your content accordingly!

3) Not engaging with your followers/customers

If someone comments on a post or asks a question, make sure you reply! The quicker you respond, the more your customers will engage. This is one of the most important ways to create a community around your business and if you stay silent your audience will think you’re uninterested!

4) Too much promotional content

This is a common (and understandable) mistake made by many businesses. Whilst it’s natural to want to promote your products and services, if you do too much of this your followers will lose interest! Instead, try to post content that’s of value to your audience and remember that the majority of your posts – around 80% as a rule of thumb – should be non-promotional!

5) Jumping from tactic to tactic

Another problem we see is businesses jumping from tactic to tactic, without giving an approach enough time to fairly evaluate it. Give a tactic long enough to gather momentum, and be sure to track your progress! Whilst there will always be some tweaking and testing for best results, if you’re constantly switching you’ll never get a handle (or sufficient data) on what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re a seasoned social media marketer or a beginner, it can be useful to take a step back to look at what you’re doing to avoid these common mistakes! Your followers will thank you for it, and you’ll see better results.

For more help and advice with your social media strategy talk to our team, read our new book, or sign up to a training course!

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