5 Questions…

Think about these, discuss them with colleagues, or write your thoughts and answers in comments…

1. What will the “essential function” be that transforms QR codes from a nice idea into something most people use every day?

2. Will newspaper paywalls succeed or eventually be dismantled and regarded as a failure?

3. What will social media look like 5 years from now? Will Facebook,Twitter and Google+ still exist? Who’ll be biggest? How will they have changed?

4. Tell me about one Tweet that sticks in your mind.

5. Am I right to be slightly reluctant about putting everything “in the cloud”?

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5 Responses to “5 Questions…”

  1. Colin Kelly

    My answers..

    1: This..http://www.springwise.com/life_hacks/skanz/

    2. They’ll fail

    3. Facebook and Twitter still king, Google+ scrapped. Television and radio programmes fully integrated in Facebook.

    4. One the other day while Rupert Murdoch was in front of MPs. Can’t remember who it was but they said he was freaking his his neighbours by changing the name of his home broadband to “News Corp Surveilance Van 6”

    5. Yes because I’d get nothing done if the wi-fi was done or I couldn’t get a 3G signal. and what if my Cloud provider got hacked, went bust, or lost everything?!

  2. Bob Davidson

    1. QR codes – maybe, and phones can snap it and store contact details / brand info / special offers – it’s use is increasing. But the average Joe still doesnt have a Scooby, and when they see it they think its a thing for stock control or an internal system – which it can be. Are the young ‘uns using it – or is it still a bit geeky

    2. Paywalls – fail, 100%

    3. Social media will exist – its way too big not too – more merging – between platforms & channels – much more video / tv useage. Google+ – I think FB is just too big to let it win. Social media will get much more tuned into the individual – their online habits / likes

    4. Tell me about one Tweet that sticks in your mind. – I only have one Twitter fav – its a bit rude – The top 7 accidentally offensive Web site names. http://ow.ly/3Zh76

    5. Am I right to be slightly reluctant about putting everything “in the cloud”? YES – for same reasons as above comments

    good blog post btw.
    Bob D.

  3. Peter

    1) QR codes will be used like a “checkin” system for clubs etc. Also recipes on product labels maybe.

    2)What’s a paywall?

    3)No Facebook in 5 years, No twitter in 5 years, Social media will be embedded into the way we shop and explore online.

    4)Twitter is a waste of time

    5)The cloud, is that another name for virtaul servera

  4. Gary

    Peter, I’d love to get you along to one of our social media workshop, and change your opinion of Twitter! 😉

    Anyway – I’ll let Colin come back to you on your responses (and questions)…

    With regard Q1 – There was a BRILLIANT use of QR Codes last night on BBC1’s “The Good Cook”. Before and after each “meal” – they showed a prominent QR Code, taking you straight to the recipe and other relevant info etc.. great example of mainstream offline/online integration. Suspect we’ll see a lot more of this.. (of course it might all become redundant if/when TV’s become better web browsing devices when we’ll start seeing newer tv/web integration ideas)…

  5. Colin Kelly

    Peter – I’m fascinated in your idea about social media being embedded in the way we shop..you got something in mind? sounds interesting! I did see an experiment I think GAP tried with a camera in their fitting room where you could try on something then post it to your Facebook feed and ask friends if they thought it suited you. I do agree with Gary about their being more to Twitter than you might believe at the moment.

    Paywall – some newspaper groups have made parts of their website available only through a paid subscription. The Times is an example.

    Gary – if QR codes mean TV programmes stop giving out links verbally or clutering the screen with them then I think that’s a great development! I’d be interested to see if audio QR codes could ever be used by radio.