5 fun examples of festive social media campaigns

The Christmas season offers an opportunity for brands to have a little fun on their social channels, while hopefully also boosting sales during the crucial festive period. Here are five fun campaigns from this year, run across a variety of social channels including Twitter, Instagram and Vine.


1.      Magic and Sparkle by Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer was one of the first to unleash its Christmas campaign on social, although it initially appeared under the guise of @thetwofairies. In the run up to Christmas, the fairies were shown to be bestowing random acts of kindness on unsuspecting members of the public – sending chocolates to workers and bringing snow to a school in Cornwall – all with encouragement to #followthefairies. Soon enough, it was revealed the fairies – Magic and Sparkle – were part of a stunt by M&S.


Since their reveal, the fairies have been the centre of Marks and Spencer’s Christmas campaign, and have now amassed a following of over 40,000 people.

2. Ted Baker TedsElfie Instagram hunt

Ted Baker set up a dedicated Instagram account for its Christmas campaign, TedsElfie. To take part, followers had to find Santa’s missing elves, which were hidden in illustrations posted to Instagram. Those who found the elves were rewarded with prizes such as a trip to the Northern Lights.

3. Tesco Clubcard Secret Scan-ta

This year Tesco developed a fun application that looked at Twitter feeds to provide users with a personalised gift suggestion. To use, people needed to enter the Twitter username of the person they wanted to gift, and the Secret Scan-ta tool would then review their account to try to determine their interests from key words and who they follow. Once the scan is complete, it then suggests a gift (from Tesco, naturally).

Although gift suggestions were often a little random, the tool was well received and saw thousands asking Scan-ta for gift suggestions.

4. Asda Vine video

Asda has been having fun during the festive season with Vine videos. Taking a cue from the most popular “magic” accounts on the channel, it produced this clever video, which shows a woman magically decorating her tree by throwing decorations onto it. Although this kind of Vine video is tricky to get right, Asda have nailed it and as a result the video has been watched over 260,000 times.

5. Greggs #PastySanta Selfie

During the festive period all Greggs bakery goods came in a special #PastySanta selfie bag. The bag is printed with a Santa beard, encouraging customers to take a selfie. Everyone who took a #PastySanta selfie and uploaded it to social media or the Greggs PastySanta page was entered into a daily competition.

According to Greggs, “the new red bags feature a cartoon-style Santa beard on one side so customers can play at Father Christmas while enjoying their Festive Bakes. In addition, this year you can also use the Blippar app to bring the #PastySanta bag to life on your smartphone”.


By the time you read this, Christmas may be over, but it’s never too late to come up with an eye-catching social media campaign for your business. If you need a little help getting started, you can check out upcoming dates for our Embrace the Space Masterclasses here.

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