5 businesses excelling at Pinterest

Online pinboard Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks, with over 70 million users worldwide and counting. It provides a great platform for brands to engage people with visual content, and can be an effective way to reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website.

Want to give it a try? Here are five businesses who are excelling on the platform. See if they can give you some ideas and inspiration.

1. Lululemon

Yoga clothing brand Lululemon has an incredible 2.1 million followers on its Pinterest channel. There are boards dedicated to yoga and various clothing lines, of course, but they also have boards on a variety of other topics likely to be of interest to their health-conscious audience, including seasonal eating, retreats and goal setting. This kind of approach is likely to generate much better results than simply creating boards that attempt to sell products.


2. Sephora

Pinterest_2Pinterest_2Surprisingly, lots of online stores who use Pinterest haven’t enabled rich pins to display extra product details such as price and stock information.

Make-up company Sephora are leading the way in this respect, and they also have a ‘pin it’ button next to each product to encourage shoppers to pin. [Pinning something marks it as of interest, raising its profile within the site.]

Judging by Sephora’s 366,000 followers, the links they have forged between their Pinterest page and their ecommerce site are helping to drive their business forward.

3. Katrina Otter Weddings

Pinterest is excellent for small businesses, who can use it to carve out a dedicated following in their specific niche. Wedding planning is incredibly popular on Pinterest, and wedding planner Katrina Otter has used this to her advantage to create a popular Pinterest profile that indirectly promotes her business. Although she pins pictures of her work, the majority of pins are wedding inspiration pinned from elsewhere to convey her sense of style and her passion for weddings.


4. Artifact Uprising

Rather than simply pinning stock product pictures, photobook printer Artifact Uprising use Pinterest to showcase the ways customers are using their products. They also have many accompanying boards on photography, which potential photobook purchasers are likely to find of interest.



5. Reiss

Although the majority of Pinterest users are women, the platform is also attracting a growing number of men. Clothing retailer Reiss took advantage of this and created boards specifically targeted at a male audience. As a result, they saw a 34% increase in traffic from Pinterest to their menswear pages, a 55% increase in sales and nearly 50% increase in revenue generated directly from Pinterest.



What can you learn from these businesses?

  • Create boards around the lifestyle of your target audience, don’t just focus on products.
  • Pin little and often rather than all at once. A scheduling tool like Buffer can help with this if you are struggling to space your pins out.
  • Don’t just pin your own branded content, pin from a variety of related sources.
  • Write descriptive captions for your boards and pins, to help more people find them.
  • Make use of features provided by Pinterest such as rich pins and ‘pin it’ buttons.
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