4 ways to build a following for your business on LinkedIn

If you’ve used LinkedIn, you’ll know it’s a unique kind of social network. The platform is famously focused on careers, professional networking and business – not users’ social lives. The nature of the platform means that businesses need to adopt a different approach to LinkedIn than they would to the likes of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

To help you build your LinkedIn business presence, we’re highlighting four ways to boost your company’s following on the platform. 

1. Create high-quality LinkedIn posts 

LinkedIn users are working professionals – so your page needs to include content that is relevant and interesting to them. This means that you can’t afford to recycle the same posts you make on other platforms, as they need to work for LinkedIn followers specifically. 

Consider these tips to producing engaging content for your business page:

  • Strike a balance between promotional posts and other content, such as industry-related news articles. 
  • Create posts about news or developments in your company. This might include posts welcoming your latest recruits, or celebrating your business’ anniversary.
  • Make use of LinkedIn’s content suggestions tool. This feature helps you discover topics or articles that will click with your followers’ interests and drive engagement.

2. Choose suitable hashtags

LinkedIn gives you the option to associate specific hashtags with your company’s page. This means that your business could appear when users search for any of the hashtags you’ve chosen for your page. If you think this sounds like a great way to improve your company’s visibility on LinkedIn, you’d be right!

You can add up to three hashtags to your business’ page (via the ‘edit page’ options). This means that you’ll want to choose ones that clearly reflect what your business offers. Don’t forget about relevant hashtags in your content too!

3. Build a strong company page

On Linkedin, a barebones company page won’t be enough to gain a following. In fact, company pages with complete information receive 30% more views than half-done ones.

A solid company page on LinkedIn is likely to include:

  • a well-worded About Us section that uses SEO-friendly keywords and accessible language
  • fully-completed page details (yes, that includes the optional sections!) to provide all your essential information in one place
  • engaging visuals, including an up-to-date logo and an on-brand cover image.

4. Don’t overlook the power of your people

Having a company page is integral to your business’ LinkedIn presence. However, it’s important not to lose sight of the people who work for your company and their LinkedIn profiles.

Individual profiles always have a wider reach and impact than company pages alone. In fact, employees typically have ten times as many first-degree connections than a company has followers. Your employees are often also your biggest brand advocates.

You can, therefore, significantly raise your company’s visibility on LinkedIn by involving your employees. All you need to do is ask them to share and engage with the posts on the company page. Asking them to list your business as their current employer (if they haven’t already) will also mean that their profiles link directly to your company page.

For your own LinkedIn Profile (as a business owner or manager) we recommend you consider our “Five S’s Content strategy” which should help establish and grow your own business ‘thought leadership’ credentials. 


If you’re looking for more tips on LinkedIn, or would like to consider a dedicated LinkedIn Training session for your entire team, then, get in touch today!

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