4 ways to add some Christmas cheer to your social media content

Add some Christmas cheer to your social media contentIt’s getting to that time of year when you need to add some Christmas cheer to your social media content. The moment the Coca Cola truck is back on TV and everyone’s talking about the John Lewis Christmas advert you know it’s time to start joining in the fun!

Need some tips on giving your content a festive twist? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you add some Christmas cheer to your social media content.

Why do you need to add some Christmas cheer to your social media content?

Timely and relevant content shows that you’re not just interested in your brand/product, it demonstrates that you’re on the ball and up to date with current trends and events.

Christmas posts and offers prove that you’re engaged with your customers’ wants and needs. It’s particularly important for ecommerce businesses to utilise festive content because it’s a great way to connect with followers and bag a few new leads before the year ends!

It’s also a great opportunity to show off your company’s playful side. Going behind-the-scenes with your office festivities can help you seem much more than just a brand. Your company’s personality will shine through and your staff will be seen as real people who audiences can build connections with. This will really help you connect with your customers in the long run!

However, you need to tread carefully when you try to add some Christmas cheer to your social media content. Don’t go overboard, as this can really put your followers off.

And, remember that the fun-loving, sparkly Facebook and Instagram audiences may appreciate certain festive antics more than the professional audience of LinkedIn. Craft your content for specific channels and you should stay on track.

4 ways to make your social media content more festive

1. Think about your colour scheme

To add some Christmas cheer to your social media content, think about the colours you use. Sprinkle reds, greens and golds throughout your content, but remember each post should still be recognisable as your brand’s.

Consider the social media images you use, too. They need to link to the holiday season, but not detract too much from the message you’re putting across in your post. At this time of year, animals in Santa hats can be very popular … so, why not try one?

2. Use festive phrases

‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy holidays’ aren’t going to cut it. Use this opportunity to unleash the cheesy side you’ve been keeping to yourself all year. Just don’t go too far!

Try including:

  • Christmas metaphors – “As red as Rudolph’s nose”
  • Christmas songs with a company twist – “Last Christmas I gave you my heart. This year, to save me from tears, here’s our white paper – it’s extra special!”
  • Christmas puns and cracker jokes – What does Santa get when he’s stuck in a chimney? Claustrophobia
  • Christmas hashtags (remember, aim for specificity) – #SMEChristmas #Christmascrafts

3. Create themed posts

Get your whole team in the Christmas mood and centre your social media strategy around the holiday.

You could try an ‘ugly Christmas jumper day’ in the office; ask your followers to rate the ugliness of each jumper, or submit their own entries. Winner gets a mince pie (or two), and some festive chocolates!

You could even create an advent calendar on your channel, or send out a Christmas poll. They don’t have to be connected to your product, they’re just great engagement tools. Try asking:

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film?
  • Roast potatoes or pigs in blankets?
  • White Christmas or winter sun?
  • What’s your favourite Christmas song?

4. Tweak your cover and profile pictures

Add some Christmas cheer to your social media content by making small changes to your profile and cover photos.

You could perch a Santa hat on your logo, announce Christmas offers or just use a festive image to spruce up your page. This shows you’re getting into the spirit of the season, and that’s bound to please at least some of your visitors!

Just remember to switch any festive touches back in the New Year, otherwise your pages will look out of date and cause new visitors to disengage.

And that’s it; four tip-top ways to add some festive flair to your social media pages. Why not try them out today?

Do you want to add some Christmas cheer to your social media content this year? Talk to our team for some festive advice.

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