4 tips for writing killer call to actions!

Looking to give engagement a boost and nudge social media viewers onto your website? You need a killer call to action (CTA). However, creating a clickable comment is a little more difficult than you might think.

Here are our top tips on how to write clever call to actions that will get your audience clicking through in no time.

What is a call to action?

Put simply, a call to action is a prompt for the user to do something, right in that moment. Whether it’s clicking through to a new page, watching a video or even buying your product, your CTA needs to motivate users to respond in a specific way.

Virtually any item of content can incorporate call to actions, whether it’s a white paper, Facebook Ad or simple blog. Don’t be afraid to use a few CTAs in one long-form piece, either. It’ll break the text up and may encourage users to act sooner.

4 tips for killer call to actions

1) Start with a command verb

You want your CTA to be powerful. So, kick things off with a verb that gives the user a direct command they can follow. For example:

  • Run
  • Use
  • Download
  • Subscribe
  • Find out more

2) Include your USP

At this stage, you’re trying to persuade your users that your proposition is worth it. So, integrate your unique selling point (USP) into your call to action. Explain what makes your product or service the smart choice for your user.

3) Play on emotions

Appeal to your users’ emotions to persuade them they simply can’t live without your product or service.

For example, if you’re selling trips to Disneyland you might use the call to action “Book a holiday you and your kids will remember forever”. Using the family connection and implied nostalgia will certainly win you a click or two.

4) Keep it short

Now, we know we’re contradicting ourselves telling you to include emotion and USPs, then asking you to limit the word count. But don’t panic – keeping it brief is easier than you think.

Your direct call to action needs to be short and snappy – no longer than nine words, if possible. For example, “Subscribe to our free newsletter today!”.

However, this doesn’t really hit an emotive or engaging note (even if the exclamation mark implies urgency). So, why not combine this text with a more persuasive opening phrase? If you add “Looking for a great holiday for you and your family at an affordable price?” before the ‘subscribe’ prompt, for example, you end up with a pretty effective CTA.

If you can, add the CTA to a button to promote click-throughs: our brains are hard-wired to click them. There are some great examples online, and you can see one from our very own site below!


Call to action


Hopefully, these tips will shed some light on writing call to actions for your business.

However, if you need a little extra help getting that conversion rate up, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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