3 white hat ways to build SEO links

freeimage-8180600SEO link building is becoming more and more controversial, as Google continually updates its algorithm to weed out anybody that’s not playing the rules. Nowadays, stuffing random links in to websites and articles could get you into a lot of trouble – instead, you have to make the effort to build links in a genuine way that will add value for your users. If you need to boost your site ranking, but want to stay in Google’s good books, here are useful three ways to build your link profile without veering into black hat SEO territory.

Write a guest blog

Inbound links are a great source of SEO assistance, but they have to be created carefully in order to avoid any implications of spam. Writing guest blogs is a legitimate, helpful way of providing useful information for external readers and giving your own site a little boost – plus, it allows you to show off your expertise to a whole new audience and be seen as a thought leader in your industry.

Share on social media

If you write a blog, an article or other piece of genuinely useful content, try sharing a link to it on your social media sites. ‘Social signals’, as Google calls them, are becoming increasingly important for any business that wants to rank well, so sharing your work keeps your profile active and adds a helpful link to your portfolio at the same time.

Create an infographic

Infographics are all the rage nowadays – they’re a great way of imparting a lot of key stats in a fun, engaging way. You can use your own research or culminate interesting stats from other sources (giving full credit to the original creator, of course). Not only are infographics a useful point of contact for your user, they also tend to get pretty good press – and if another company covers your work, you’ll gain links (and hopefully new fans and followers too!)