3 SEO statistics your company should see

By now, you should know that SEO is a crucial part of any digital marketing campaign – but it’s not easy to implement, and many companies often find their enthusiasm waning from time to time. If you’re in need of some SEO inspiration, look no further than these staggering stats – you’ll want to get back to work straight away!

1. 70-80% of users ignore paid ads and focus on organic results
This figure, which comes from an eye tracking survey conducted by UserCentric, shows paid ads and SEO need to work in unison to attract the widest possible range of users. During the 2011 study, Usercentric allowed experienced Internet users access to both Bing and Google, and found that they spent longer looking at organic search results than paid alternatives. This shows that your business should be focusing on organic SEO as well, even if you have paid ads in the pipeline.

2. 42% of seach users click the top ranking link
This article from Instrapin shows highlights the importance of aiming for the top spot when it comes to SEO. Almost half of users will click the top link of a page of search results – the more effective your SEO campaign, the more likely you are to make it to the top.

3. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads have just 1.7%
It’s all well and good focusing on web rankings and increases in traffic, but ultimately, when it comes down to it, businesses want sales. This stat, from Search Engine Journal, shows that 14.6% of SEO leads convert to a deal, compared with just 1.7% of outbound leads (e.g. those gained from ‘outbound’ marketing such as cold calling). Suddenly, working on your SEO efforts doesn’t seem like such a chore, does it?

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