3 reasons your business should invest in responsive web design

tablet pc, mobile phone and laptopChoosing responsive web design is, for many companies, a no brainer. In a world where more than half of UK consumers own a smartphone, and almost 20% own a tablet, optimising your website so that it provides a consistent viewing experience across a variety of platforms just seems to make sense. However, there are a number of companies out there who still aren’t convinced of the benefits. If you’re one of them, maybe a look at our three top reasons for choosing responsive web design will change your mind.

  • You’ll only need to build one siteYes, you can create apps for mobile devices, or multiple versions of your site, but why bother? Using responsive web design streamlines your entire web development process, so that you can focus on creating one well structured, easy to use version – whilst saving time, money and additional hassle in the process.
  • You’ll be one step ahead of the competitionResponsive web design is still a relatively new concept, and many businesses are talking about it without actually doing it. If you bite the bullet and implement responsive web design first, you’ll be offering your users a much more satisfactory experience than the underdeveloped websites of your competitors – making them more likely to use (and recommend!) your services.
  • It can boost your SEO effortsKristina Kledik of SEOmoz.org says that responsive web design can also work wonders for your SEO campaign. She puts this down to three essential reasons – its excellent usability, reduction of duplicate content, and ability to build links (“with responsive web design, a link to your main site is a link to your mobile site as well”). In fact, in June last year, Google was asked about responsive web design, and confirmed “this is Google’s recommended configuration,” – so if it’s endorsed by the world’s number one search engine, why would you not use it for your business?