3 reasons why your website must be mobile

Young Man with cell phone walkingThe future of web search is becoming more and more mobile by the second, and your brand needs to be on board. Whether you opt for responsive web design or a standalone mobile offering, here are 3 reasons why mobile optimisation is essential for any modern business…

Tablets now exceed traditional desktop devices for conversion rates

In Q1 of 2013, tablets surpassed conventional desktop devices for conversion rates for the very first time. This demonstrates that consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with the mobile purchasing process – and are more likely to buy from a company that offers it to them!

74% of consumers will wait just 5 seconds for a page to load

Consumers are keen, but they’re also impatient! This research from Gomez shows that a poorly optimised site could lose you up to 74% of your potential customer base if it doesn’t fully load within 5 seconds.

61% of mobile users will leave a mobile-unfriendly site and look elsewhere

In a 2012 Google survey of mobile internet users, 61% of participants agreed, “If I don’t see what I’m looking for right away on a mobile site, I’ll quickly move on to another site”. If your site isn’t optimised for mobile, your customers are unlikely to find the information they’re looking for as quickly as they would like, giving them plenty of ammunition to head straight off to one of your mobile-savvy competitors.

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